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Posted on September 2nd, 2007 by Cam.
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Friday morning I got to play some simulation games. The purpose of this excercise was to see if I fit properly into the radiotherapy machine at Oncology to make sure we are ready to go on Tuesday for the first zap. The staff were, once again, fantastic and they made sure I was well looked after.
I found it quite relaxing really. I have continued the mentality that I check my body in for them to do what they wish and my mind can relax elsewhere. While they are moving limbs, taking measurements, drawing on me, adjusting angles and taking x-rays I find that I am almost falling asleep. It only took about 40 mins to get through this process, but at the end of it my left leg had fallen asleep and my right side isn’t that flash anyway so stumbled along for a while in a bit of a daze. Then had to quickly pop in for another blood’n'urine test.
We headed off to get my second breakfast after this appointment which I have been loving. I am eating probably double what I would usually eat these days. Two breakfasts, two lunches and large dinners – love it. Then we went to the next hospital where my specialist is to catch up. He is really happy with how things are going and was keen to show me the slides of the sternum biopsy he took out of me a month or so ago. He couldn’t find mine but showed me someone elses to see what mine looked like. You could see the cancerous cells in amongst the normal cells on this sample, but he said the sample he took out of me was just solid cancer cells as he hit the motherload in the sternum. Fantastic.
Looking forward to the radiation now. The specialist said that the pain would subside pretty quickly and I should regain the strength back in my arms pretty rapidly. My neck pain is not much of an issue anymore and once I am off the painkillers I am thinking I will be back driving again. Things are good.


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