The Initial Roast

Posted on September 4th, 2007 by Cam.
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Day one of radiotherapy and all went well. The newish cancer centre at the hospital is very nice. Very flash looking machine, great staff, and a subtly-flashing light show on the roof to keep patients soothed. The whole process was incredibly quiet and relaxed. I would have hardly known the treatment was on if not for being told and the occasional light coming on.
Today took a little longer being the first hit but I was in and out before I knew it. Elizabeth knew used to work with one of the other patients that we met in the waiting room who is halfway through her radiotherapy course, so it was great to meet her and hear of how she has been going. It would be good to meet a few other people as there are a bunch of us there first thing in the morning, I am pretty sure we will have something in common.
Lib’s folks went home today also. It has been really great to have them over and they have been huge in support for us all along the way. They really appreciated just being to make connection with our lives here now and meeting the people they hear so much about. We are not going to know what to do with ourselves now as it has been almost two months of having people stay and look after us. Which reminds me, there is a position currently available for live in staff in Robinson Ave. Must be willing to cook, clean, listen to whatever music I may impose on the immediate environment and laugh accordingly to any wisecrack made during the natural course of the day. If you feel called to this position, please contact me a.s.a.p.



Comment on September 4th, 2007.

Ahhh, Genna, the site just lost my post…. (I’m addressing this to you because I’m sure you are the brains behind the newly techy CMH)! It was witty and encouraging and was going to change the very social dynamics of the radiation waiting room…and hence the subsequent recovery rate of all 7am – 9am patients.

Well, too bad you’ll miss my brilliant advice. But here’s another piece. Slow down on those double breakfasts Mr H – you’re going to end up like the Puffin Fresh Man. Grin.

So glad it’s all kicked off.


Comment on September 4th, 2007.

Careful in asking for live-in caregivers. You may end up with some glutton who stays for four weeks and uses too much toilet paper.
I’ve heard it can happen…

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