On the road again!

Posted on September 6th, 2007 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

Not to be confused with the ‘roids’ again, although I am being weened off them. I am talkin’ back on the road driving cars again. I just drove for the first time since May. Oh, what a feeling! Thought we would play it safe and just drive to the shops and back to get bread and milk and the mission was a success! I am not really needing a car at the moment but at least I know I can drive if the need arises. Fantabulous!
I am back into routine now also. I have my radiotherapy early in the morning, catch the bus to the city which takes about 20 mins, and I have been working full days so far. It is so good to be back into a routine after months of not knowing how each day is going to pan out when I wake up. There is a surreal realisation that take place, at numerous times in the day, when I am in awe of how good it is just to be.


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