When the Faith hits the fan.

Posted on September 9th, 2007 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

The ongoing ponderings on faith and healing came up in a conversation I had with someone today. It was not a complete conversation as there were interuptions, but it was interesting to hear the person’s point of view on how faith in God and healing fit into their lifestyle.

I am not sure that I fully understood the point the person was making, but I got the impression that their belief involved there was no need to be sick when you had faith in God. Examples of colds, flu, coughs etc. came into the conversation and how faith in God covered that.

This suddenly made everything seem quite easy. I looked around the room and saw a lady using a walking frame. Someone else was blowing their nose. I have my own cells eating my sternum for breakfast, lunch, dinner and while I sleep. Things are easy now because I can get a clear understanding of where peoples’ faith is at depending on their circumstance or physical ailments, including my own. Easy to calculate, easy to fix. (close sarcasm)

My understanding of faith and healing hasn’t really changed during my experience in the last few months. I still have 100% faith that my creator has all the power in the world to make sickness go away and has sovereignty in the decision. Whether I am dead, alive, feeling crap or feeling fantastic, my faith in his ability stands.

It is just as well though, because I have absolutely no idea what I need to do to ‘up’ my faith in this area. Do I need to talk about it more? Do I need to reject medical treatment to let God do his thing? Do I need to spend hours in prayers of faith (I am not even sure what that means, to be honest)?

I am so uncertain about my outcome, and I am so comfortable with that. I have absolute faith that God is able to heal me, but I don’t equate that at all with my ailments, mortality, sniffles or need for a walking frame. Faith, hope and love are three things talked about in the Bible. I have faith that God can heal. I hope he heals me, that would be great. I love life and I love those that I have the privilege of sharing it with.

In response to the conversation I had with the person today, I still enjoy hearing where people are at. Maybe I will understand more of this person’s belief as I go through this experience and work out that I don’t have to be sick. Or maybe I can sniff, push my walking frame and have my sternum eaten up and know with absolute certainty that God is all powerful, regardless.


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