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Posted on September 22nd, 2007 by Cam.
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I am home today. I was able to get weekend leave from the hospital until tomorrow night. We have had some great news since last night. The Orthopaedic Surgeon saw me this morning and said that the fracture was on the top of the neck of femur and wasn’t really jeopardising the strength of the hip at this stage, so they are going to hold off on surgery. This was the best news and started the day off on a real positive.

The events of last night are still sinking in, and we are still in a bit of confusion as to what my situation is. Here is what has happened in the last day or so.

• Yesterday morning, went from the orthopaedic ward to my usual 8:40 radiotherapy appointment. Had a chat with the Oncologist who is overseeing my therapy. She upgraded my diagnosis to Multiple Myeloma. The decision was made to continue radiotherapy still as we are half-way through.
• Went straight to X-ray and had a full skeletal assessment done.
• Back to the ward for 5 mins, then down to CT for a scan on my hip.
• Just rested in the afternoon. At about 5pm we got a visit from a Haematologist who gave us ‘the chat’ outlining the new diagnosis and prognosis involving high-dose chemo, stem-cell infusions, etc. They’ve decided to redo alot of test next week to reassess the stage of the cancer.
• We fell apart a bit.
• We have got the best friends and family ever surrounding us. It wasn’t long after remembering this (not that we have ever forgotten) that we were able to take the photo in the last post of Libs and I smiling. I don’t want to give people the wrong impression by having people think that everything is rosy and we smile in the face of adversity consistently. Last night was tough, and that’s the second time we have had to hear ‘that chat’.
• Quite a surreal experience for us though, 6-8 of us crammed into a bed cubicle, curtains around, eating smuggled in Pad-Thai, laughing with friends about 20 mins after hearing news about a tough road ahead.
• Once everyone left, said goodnight to a teary Elizabeth. I was exhausted. I kept the curtains closed, downed some sedatives and painkillers, put ear-plugs in, turned the lights off, put a shirt over my eyes and went to sleep in awe of the people around me and thankful to the God who sorts this stuff out perfectly.
• This morning, Orthopaedic Surgeon number 1did the rounds and told me surgery may not be necessary! Nice.
• Orthopaedic Surgeon number 2 (the head honcho) came and told us that we could go home, he wasn’t as concerned about the hip strength. This kind of made us uneasy. How could an assessment be so different to what we have been told in the last 12 hours? We are still confused, but at least we were able to come home as long as I only partially weight-bear on my left leg. I had my crash-course on how to use a walking-frame and crutches, and now we are home watching football (that is the strangest thing).
• Just got a call from the hospital saying no partial weight-bearing, now it is totally non-weight-bearing.
• You can probably understand why we are a little confused about things at the moment.
• In brief, I probably don’t need surgery to fix the hip. I’m allowed weekend leave, as there are no more tests that needs to be done over the weekend. I will go back to hospital on Sunday night for bone scans, blood test and CT results, bone marrow biopsies next week to help clarify what the next step will be.
• Good to be home for a bit.


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