And the winner is…

Posted on October 11th, 2007 by Cam.
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So I had an MRI and CT scan yesterday on my pelvis to confirm the location and presence of the plasmacytoma that has been heavily suspected. Elizabeth got back about 15 minutes ago with the films and the radiology report. It read:

“There is no plasmacytoma or focal bone lesion within the pelvis. No Evidence of left sacral plasmacytoma. The pelvic contents are unremarkable.”

Libs and I are again in a melancholic shock. Don’t know what to think, don’t know what to do. Can’t afford to fully participate emotionally on a roller-coaster ride that seems to keep on going. I think we will spend at least today processing this and talk more later.



Comment on October 11th, 2007.

Must be all those radioactive urine drops… did you take a shower before the scans? That’s amazing news brother. I love you very much. We’ll get there, we’ll get there. It’ll be something to look back and laugh at, in a few years time.
We’ll done.

Hey, maybe it’s God who stepped in to fix things up?



Comment on October 11th, 2007.

So thankful. Keep looking up guys.

Diane Fildes

Comment on October 11th, 2007.

And the winner is . . . the mighty God we serve, who hears and answers our prayers!

PS. Our dog sheds a lot of hair – would you like me to save it to make a “chest toupe”?

Carol Cooper

Comment on October 11th, 2007.

Hey Cam & Elizabeth, the scan might say there is nothing remarkable about your pelvis but you two are truly remarkable. The Coopers love you both heaps – consider yourselves hugged – gently. Love the idea about the toupe from the dog – ours are willing to contribute…

Rod N Manda

Comment on October 11th, 2007.

Wow – we feel for you guys and understand what you mean by the roller coaster ride. I have a postit note attached to my screen that reads WEB CAM – reminds me to pray for you both daily.

Pam R

Comment on October 11th, 2007.

Great news, Cam and Libs.


Comment on October 11th, 2007.

Yay and thank God!

I love the chest toupe comment Diane!!! Looks like Cam is bald and sunburnt on the decolletage

Lynne W

Comment on October 11th, 2007.

Our God is an awesome God.


Comment on October 11th, 2007.

Awesome awesome awesome! Praise the Lord huh?

Its funny the wording though huh? Unremarkable. Someone I know has an ‘irratable’ uterus which i always found an interesting diagnosis.

But fantastic news Cam and Liz!

Linda M

Comment on October 12th, 2007.

I’m so happy for you both. words don’t really say how I feel. Love you both!!
Thanks for photos . Movie wasn’t on the down load.
Catch you soon


Comment on October 12th, 2007.

An unremarkable pelvis? I’m not so sure that those close to you would agree with the spirit of that diagnosis…

Great news Cam – we’ll take every good outcome with both hands open wide! Have a good w/end.


Comment on October 12th, 2007.

Fantastic news….wow so much to deal with in a few days! .keep strong Cam, speak soon E, luv to you both Julie X

Bonnie & Mark

Comment on October 12th, 2007.

Thanks God! We admire your courage through what sounds like has been a very tough journey over the last month. Thanks for sharing with us. We love you both very much. Your in our prayers. Love Bonnie, Mark, Levi & Samuel

the Hoppies

Comment on October 13th, 2007.

Dear Cam, dear Liz,
We love the good news! Praise God!
You two are truly remearkable and totally amazing!
Love you lots,
the Hoppies


Comment on October 15th, 2007.

We just got back from France, I’m all caught up…and I’m exhausted all over again! (although with 10 weeks to go actually I’m always exhausted…grin) What a mission it’s been. What a week. And what a great ending to this part. Time to get some peace-filled sleep hey? xkt


Comment on October 15th, 2007.

Hi Cam,
Good stuff! It was great to see you two last week. It’s a struggle at times even when all seems well. I just pray that God will give you both strength and peace.

Stacey Symons

Comment on October 16th, 2007.

Cam, been following your progress and praying for ya lots. Can’t even imagine what you are going through and won’t pretend i can but i have seen severe cancer diagnosed and healed in our family and know that there is no limit to God’s power! Keep well rested x

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