Facing my failures.

Posted on November 7th, 2007 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

I have a confession to make. Many of you have witnessed my shortcomings and stupid mistakes, my lack of judgement and spontaneous idiocy. I have lapsed once again. I am not proud of this latest mishap, but I believe it is best to share this now rather than you all find out when dirt gets dug up in the future. If you hear rumours, I would like to set the facts straight now. I had a facial.

I hope you appreciate how difficult this is for me to talk about. It was not a premeditated decision. I didn’t hear about other guys having facials and get jealous. It was just one of those things that happend and you live with the consequences. It is something that just happens when you are not in your home-town and you think no one will see you or find out. To be fair, it was advertised as a ‘face massage’ as Libs and I walked past the shop front, and for half an hour they were advertising a special price. During temptation, you are meant to run, not weigh up the pros and cons. Next time, I will run.

Now I am not saying that facials for guys are of the devil, they are just not for me. I have a strong dislike for any substance being on my face, any lotion, sun protection cream (although this I endure), etc. So, for me, this was the longest half-hour of my life. Just when I thought the procedure had finished, they would subject me to another lotion. I left feeling used and exhausted after being tight with tension for half an hour.

I am not proud of what I have done, but ask for your understanding and compassion through this difficult time. I have found hip biopsies more relaxing.


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