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Posted on November 19th, 2007 by Cam.
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Just when I thought I could relax. This week reminds me that I am straight back into it. I visited the Haematologist today, stem cell harvest consultant straight after, Oncology Wednesday, bone density scan on Thursday, growth hormone injections also start on Thursday, haircut on Saturday, blood test on Monday, and depending on my stem cell count, the harvesting will be done on Monday afternoon, dentist on Tuesday, waxing on Wednesday, depending on my chest hair count.

The stem cell harvesting can apparently be a little painful. The process is fascinating though. Beginning this Thursday, I give myself two injections daily of growth hormone to make the stem cells in my marrow grow rapidly. They then get a little short of space in my bones and head to my blood stream. A dialysis-like machine then takes them out of my blood and they are stored in case I need them for later infusions.

I am relieved that my haematologist has decided to go with the growth hormone option rather than the chemotherapy option. Its not that I have something against the injection of toxic chemicals into my body to make me sick, mind you. It is just that there is something about pushing a needle into my substantial belly twice a day for 5 days with a growth hormone that will make my body ache, then spending a few hours on a machine that pumps out the blood in my body only to pump it back in seconds later after having its way with it – can’t wait!

Who said blondes have more fun?

Here is a happy snap of my bald patch post radiotherapy. I’m yet to find a hairpiece that fits just right. The comb-over works to a certain extent, but windy days are going to be a problem.
You can see a blue tattoo dot close to the bottom of the photo. There is another tattoo just like it on my groin. It would be the easiest dot-to-dot, but rather uncomfortable with a sharp pencil.

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