The drugs don’t work.

Posted on January 4th, 2008 by Cam.
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I haven’t slept properly all year. I am not sure if it is the heat, being in the mid-30′s to mid-40′s (centigrade) for most of the last 10 days. I am having constant pain in my ribs along both sides of my body. I have had this pain before. It began when I was an inpatient and it took about two weeks to get over. I am not sure how it starts. On all occasions I have just woken up with a very tender patch on my ribs with a bit of swelling. I can gently rub the area and feel something clicking around. Not normal.

So the pain this time started about 2 weeks ago on one side, and in the last week it has started on the other side. It is frustrating enough not being able to sleep on one side, but now it is back or front only, with a painful transition between the two.

I have been taking an array of painkillers, sedatives and anti-inflammatories, with little to no effect. I thought I found a miracle cure to my predicament in the combination of all three with a splash or two of chilled white. Desperate times.
So I sympathise with all you chronic insomniacs out there. I have had but a glimpse of your frustration. On the upside, you get all the good deals on early morning info-mercials. You can never have too many steam mops or vacuum cleaners that can pick up bowling balls (Thanks to the Cyclonic Suckmaster 2000, I no longer have bowling balls caught in the fine fibres of my carpet).

I would like to extend my welcome to Asher to the world (well, chilly London at least), born on the 2nd of January, 2008, first son to Muz & Katie. It is a rude shock for any fetus having to deal with the transition from a balmy 36.5 degrees (not to mention the humidity) to a near freezing 2 degrees. Don’t be worried, but be aware that it may take a little longer for certain things to ‘drop’ in this weather. Heat pack should do it. Anyway, enough about me, just know that we are celebrating with you and look forward to seeing all three of you soon.

It is almost time for my second attempt to sleep, and I will have to try sans chardonnay or I will be up all night.

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