Thorn in my side

Posted on January 6th, 2008 by Cam.
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So now I am getting a little concerned about the rib. I woke up this morning with severe pain on my left side. I couldn’t breathe deeply and every movement hurt. The first waking memory I had was an audible click in my ribs. We tried a heat pack before I tried to get up and then a hot shower to see if it loosened or relaxed the surrounding muscles. It did not really help.
I am back on the painkillers and anti-inflammatories and when they kick in I will try and lie down again. Walking is difficult. Laying down is difficult. Pole-vaulting is damn near impossible.
We have been googling a bit this morning to see what connections there are to myeloma and there are too many to make us feel better about the situation. So we stopped doing that.
Another excuse to have a relaxing day. I am getting more and more frustrated about not being able to move as I want. I can’t go into the studio, I can’t go to the beach, I can’t get jobs done around the house. I have never been so enthusiastic to get things on the move. The only thing that is letting me down is my body. I feel like my brain is hyper-active but has to drag a reluctant passenger around.
The codeine has just kicked in. Night.


Aunty Lynne

Comment on January 6th, 2008.

Hi Cameron, you constantly amaze me with your courage, inner strength and that golden thread of faith you display woven through your hospital gowns, bathers and Tee shirts. You are greatly loved and admired. Love Aunty Lynne


Comment on January 6th, 2008.

Hi Cameron,this is my second visit to catch up on your incredible journey.I wanted to wish you both a better new year.Now that I’m here and caught up may I make a suggestion and I promise I’m not a sadist..this really works,
(for me at least).You know those blue ice pack thingos which you freeze and put in your picnic basket..they are MARVELLOUS when placed on a painful area.Just ensure there is fabric between the icepack and your bare skin and place as many as you need to cover the area .I know ~ you want to know how to keep them there don’t you? So did I but
necessity is the mother of invention.I bandage them on OR wear snug fitting clothing over the top.It works and for a while after they melt too – then you place more until a state of numbness is achieved.Even an hour’s break from the pain is terrific but don’t leave them for too long on your ribs or you might end up with pneumonia.It works for me when opiates didn’t.I laughed at your remark re Infomercials cos I just gave the Turbovac to my son along with the bronze glow stuff you brush on your face to look better than you feel. By being awake when the American news come on at 4.00am,followed by Sunrise on Ch 7,,you can feel ahead of
everyone else and then drop off for a noddy feeling quite smug about knowing more than the others who get to sleep at night. Most of the geniuses were insomniacs. My story and I’m sticking to it..Good luck,you deserve a break,Glenn.

Uncle Cavan

Comment on January 7th, 2008.

Hi Cameron,
I have just caught up with your blogs and feel honoured to be part of what you are doing. I think regardless of any outcome you are putting togther a document that is helping yourself but more than that. It is helping others.
You are a very talented writer and I want to encourage you to keep this up.
I am doing a lot of reading on Revelation and realised that it as basically a pastoral document John is writing to people who are about to feel the pain of martrydom. No where does he offer a God who is going to `rescue’ them.
He instead talks aboout a higher quality of faith and that is the `courage to be’. He also gives Christians a new perspective to see God’s eternal plan. So where Paul says `Set the mind on things that are above’ John gives us a series of pictures to help us.

Cousin James

Comment on January 7th, 2008.

Cous Cam.

If you were a member of the Australian army you would have won your first Victoria Cross by now. I have been keeping up with your journey on this website and I can’t believe the internal strength you and Liz have as you go through this. Not only that, but it has put things into perspective about my own life and the things of God. How I would love to put on a white suit, colour my hair and scream out in my best Benny Hinn voice “Heal my Cous!!”. Instead, let me just say you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Whatever happens, nothing can separate you from the love of God . . . or the voice of Aunty Alison.


Comment on January 7th, 2008.

I just though another non-family voice might keep this blog in check… :) (G’day Cavan, James, Lynn, all the Browns, Harris’s, Shiners etc)

Sorry to hear that you’ve had another dose of pain. In a genuine attempt at encouragement, let me observe that it brings a remarkable clarity and extra dose of wit to your writing…

‘Thorn in my side’… a good song, and an interesting description by Paul for something that he chose to live with, not despite. Is this what you’re getting at? Trying to learn to live with it as a part of who you are at the moment, or is it just ticking you off and you were looking for a title for this entry?

Oh, I figure that playing guitar would be tricky with sore ribs, but do you have a piano or a digital keyboard at your house? Might be something you can do to keep your brain engaged while your body is ‘out to lunch…’

Well, you may not be getting as much sleep as you want… but I hope you’re getting as much as you need.

I’ll bet Adam had a sore spot in the side after God took a rib out of him… but there was a pretty amazing outcome in that instance…

Get well,

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