Atomic Urine Man Swaps Cape for Hospital Gown.

Posted on January 9th, 2008 by Cam.
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We are both incredibly exhausted. Libs is still asleep this afternoon and I have risen from my afternoon nap with a very noticeable absence of energy. The last time I was on strong painkillers was after the initial diagnosis and they knocked me around a bit. I am now on four-times the amount of painkillers and still feeling the ribs. Everything is a bit of a haze and we are taking things pretty easy.

So the nuclear bone scan today went well. There seem to be patches on my knees, shoulder, collarbone, sternum and ribs. I was asked if I had arthritis, and I just replied ‘most probably’ as that was my diagnosis before we knew about the cancer. The patches may just be showing up joint pain, other than the ribs – we know there is trauma there and it very clear on the bone scan.

One of the things that made me smile today was the ‘one-size-fits-all’ hospital pants I had to wear. It was like wearing a calico drawstring bag. They were way too small so the bottoms were halfway up my legs and the string only just reached itself for me to tie up. This left a gaping window in my ‘groinal’ (new word) region, not unlike a cuckoo clock on the hour. So I walk gingerly from the changeroom through the waiting room strategically carrying a basket in front of me cheerfully returning the smiles I got from other patients. It’s one of those things that bring us all together.

So I don’t have enough information yet about what we are working with and there are a few more tests before we know what is going on. For now, I am more than happy just rocking back and forth on a rocking chair while the painkillers do their thing.
Rock on.



Comment on January 9th, 2008.

i found a photo the other day… i’m about 3 years old …wearing a straw hat, and you’re patting me on the head. i was no taller than your ankles, i’m sure of it.

i make an appearance on the other end of the height charts to you, so can empathise with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ hospital gown conundrum, albeit being a different kind of issue. bring on the clown pants …

you people are in my thoughts constantly. rock on cam …

Rory Shiner

Comment on January 10th, 2008.

Loved seeing you guys yesterday. Thanks for hanging. Lets do the same thing soon. Peace-out.

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