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Posted on January 12th, 2008 by Cam.
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I need to tell you a story. At the beginning of July last year, I was hours away from finding out if I had cancer or not. My neck was stiff, my chest was sore and swollen and my strength in my arms was diminishing. Which makes me wonder what the heck was I thinking by driving to the hardware store to pick up some supplies. I hadn’t been able to turn my neck for quite some time and even getting in and out of the car was painful. My faith was demonstrated every time I had to reverse.

I had told my folks a few days earlier what I was being tested for and they didn’t hesitate in asking people to pray. Ma asked a group to pray at the time of my appointment which was at 4:30 that afternoon. I suppose that I had a few hours to kill so I thought I would get some tools or something, hence the trip to the hardware store.

As I was driving, I can remember the exact patch of road when I felt a sudden change in my neck and my pain was gone. I began throwing my head from side to side, turning it as far around as I could in both directions. Nothing. Considering I was driving whilst doing this, the other drivers may be forgiven for thinking I was having a fit.

It was that noticeable that I looked at the clock and thought ‘I have to ask people what happened at 2:33, because something powerful has just happened’. I continued to the shops, went home and then Elizabeth and I headed to the specialist.

Before we got there my Mum called and asked how the meeting with the specialist went. I said we hadn’t got there yet, as the appointment was at 4:30. “Oh FOUR-thirty, I thought you said two-thirty. I told a group of people that your appointment was at 2:30 and that is when we all praying for you.”

I have had no reason to feel out of His reach.

That is the God I pray to.



Comment on January 12th, 2008.

For I wrote you out of great distress and anguish of heart and with many tears, not to grieve you but to let you know the depth of my love. 2Corinthians 2:4

I am always amazed that our Father God can call up an army of praying people and even strangers from all over the place exactly when He wants us to pray.

Excerpt from my blog in May 07 when my Dad was sick with melanoma.

I know the biggest obstacle for me right now is to accept – not quitting, not weak faith, but just trusting. I absolutely believe that God miraculously heals, despite our own weakness or lack of faith. Look what happened to the guy in Mark 9:24 who said to Jesus, “Lord, I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” and Jesus chose a miraculous immediate recovery. He saves us, we don’t save ourselves. There is no failure of God to move because we have not prayed hard enough or long enough. Our prayers are expected and accepted by Him. God’s will is sovereign and just. But still … I can really relate to Jesus praying “Father, If it’s possible, let this cup pass from me, but nevertheless, not my will but thine be done.”


Comment on January 20th, 2008.

Cam you are never alone. you are always in our prayers. I know that God will heal you. I truly truly believe that.

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