Bring it on.

Posted on January 14th, 2008 by Cam.
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I feel this may be my last night in my own bed for a while. Trying to think if there is anything I need to get done before our specialist meeting tomorrow. The results from the biopsy will be in by then and we will be able to get the treatment going.

Our time of prayer and anointing yesterday was a real landmark for us. We had a few family and friends gather just at our house and had a family friend lead us through the time. It was a real mix of grief and excitement. I am so thankful for the people that I am surrounded by, both here with me and by the mindful who are with me but geographically distant. I am well blessed. No doubt.

The biopsy this morning went very well. I don’t remember a thing about it although Elizabeth said I was making semi-intelligent conversation throughout. A seem-less transition I am sure.

Elizabeth and I have just flicked through the X-rays and MRI’s and can see the evidence of Myeloma patches throughout the body. It is hard to believe that I am looking at pictures of myself with these foreign bodies inside. The pain helps it to sink in that it is quite real.

I would like to thank everyone for their support through prayer yesterday. We are feeling very peaceful and quite strengthened even though we have had an exhausting stretch. By all rights we should be anxious and shattered, but all is good.

So I am ready for a good night’s sleep and we are ready for the day tomorrow. I am dying to get stuck into some treatment.


New kids on the block

Posted on January 14th, 2008 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

Well if cancer cells were able to accrue frequent flyer points, mine would have platinum memberships. We picked up the scan reports from yesterday and they have found lesions in quite a few places. After sitting down with Libs medical dictionary we understood that there are some lesions in both my proximal and distal left femur, with the largest being in the left distal, multiple lesions in both my arms (humeri), in my spine there are multiple lesions- between T9 – T10, on the T11 pedicle and on the T3. There are is a 17mm lesion in my skull with possible other small lesions. There are also possible lesions on my clavicle. No comment was made on the ribs, apart from that they are broken. They are on the mend though I feel.

This news didn’t phaze us at all really, as they are all fairly small lesions and it doesn’t really change the treatment plan to our knowledge. It explains a bump on my head though. I was running my fingers through my hair the other day as I tried to imagine what a head shape like mine would look like. As I was doing so, I thought, I don’t remember the bump at the top of my head being that big. It may also explain the hair loss I have had in that area.

So all the lesions are pretty small and have not broken through the bones we believe at this stage. This is very good and it has been caught very early for this next stage.

We are going to have a sleep now, as I have just got back from my hip biopsy this morning and want to squeeze the sedative for all it is worth.


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