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Posted on January 16th, 2008 by Cam.
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Not 15 seconds ago and ad came on TV.

“In Australia, 9000 people will be diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Sadly, half will die.”

And I thought I kinda liked stats.



Comment on January 16th, 2008.

You know what? I saw that ad tonight too and I cringed at its bluntness. I guess ad’s can be confronting like that because they need to get attention in such a short time. But just ignore it Cam (if you can).. you may have cancer but you will never be defined by it. So don’t let that ad speak into your life – your young, your happily married, you have family and friends. You may be going into one of the biggest battles you could ever have, but your also chockers with armour and armies. In the meantime, stop watching Don’t Forget the Lyrics (busted) ;-)


Comment on January 16th, 2008.

Happily, half lived!

3 statisticians went rabbit shooting. Upon seeing a rabbit the first took aim and fired 50 metres in front of the critter, the second fired a shot striking the ground 50 metres behind the rabbit, to which the third responded by throwing down his gun and excitedly yelling, “We got him!”

…think about it (or look up confidence intervals)



Comment on January 17th, 2008.

Seriously you can pretty much make “stats” say whatever you want with clever wording. Make your own stats.

Cousin James

Comment on January 17th, 2008.

I saw that add on Ch10. The stats in the add did say 50% chance of survival.

Isn’t that the same station that shows Big Brother? One of the best shows ever shown on national television. Yes it is, look at the ratings! The stats can’t be wrong, can they.

Yes they can . . . very wrong.


Comment on January 17th, 2008.

Of course the other day, you said something about 40% – so I reckon that ad just helped you by 10%!!

(stats really can say anything!)


Comment on January 17th, 2008.

Only half will die!? Since creation, only 2 (?) people haven’t died, eventually. Having cancer is starting to look pretty good, if you look at those stats!

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