And on the third day…

Posted on January 22nd, 2008 by Cam.
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Not drawing any comparisons at all. Besides, it says not one of Jesus’ bones were broken. I guess that rules me out of running for Messiah, ribs and all.

The last three days though have been a bit testing. Good to get into these things gradually however. I am doing four days on, four days off steroids and the days off are difficult. No energy, no strength to sit up, etc. The painkillers make my brain smokey and the nausea began to rear its head yesterday.

I am actually getting through quite well. I would have expected a lot more nausea and violent vomiting by this stage but, alas, the anti-nausea drugs are doing a great job. From what I gather, things have come a long way in terms of making people feel comfortable during their treatment. Drugs to get you through the discomfort are quite effective and pain management is seen as significant in the healing process. I am glad I got sick now, because I would be crying like a baby if this had of happened 30 odd years ago.

I get back on the gear tomorrow as far as steroids are concerned so I am looking forward to feeling a bit better once they kick in. I cracked my back on Sunday while buttering toast. I think I must have gone a bit heavy on the butter when lifting and I forgot to do my usual stretching exercises that we all should do before buttering toast. At first I thought I had cracked my spine in half which would make perfect sense given the lesions in my T-11 and my hypochondriac heritage. But I think now it is just a facet joint that is out of whack.

Nurse Elizabeth has just informed me that I have lost a day in my steroid timetable and I am not back on them until Thursday! Time to get creative with the liquid paper and drug schedule.


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