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Posted on January 23rd, 2008 by Cam.
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I have to say that we have got it pretty darn good here in Western Australia as far as health care is concerned. People have said ‘If you are going to get sick, get sick in Perth’. These people, by the way, are not comparing the Perth option to that of being stuck sick in the bottom of a dry Simpson Desert creek bed with nothing but a band-aid wrapper and an enema kit. They know their stuff on the international medical circuit. My experience would back that up totally.

We have shopped around between private and public care, depending on what resources are available at the time. The majority of my treatment so far has been public. We have only used private to get earlier scans as an outpatient. So generally, my file is on the pile with everyone else’s.

I received a call yesterday from Katie at the Leukemia Foundation of Western Australia. She called me to tell me it should be OK for me to go to the Police concert in a couple of weeks. Apparently I am not the only cancer patient in Australia, but most days I feel like I am. Where else in the world do you have someone liaise with your specialist carers about my drug schedule and my immunity count predictions for the beginning of February in order to find out if I can personally make it to a concert?

I have had the privilege of dealing with Fremantle Hospital, The Mount, St John of God, Hollywood, and a lot with Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, all in Perth. The departments have included Haematolgy, Radio/Oncology, Orthopedics, Physiotherapy, Day Surgery and Emergency. Every step of the way I have been looked after superbly. It is not going to happen all the time I know, but the ratio is certainly in the favour of the everyday patient it would seem.

I could have been anywhere in the world at this stage of my life, and indeed we were planning to not be here at this time. But I have to say that if you are feeling a sniffle coming on, or if you have coughed up your pancreas for the third time this week, Perth is a pretty good place to be.


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