Another brilliant idea

Posted on January 24th, 2008 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

Elizabeth has always said that if I ever got locked away in solitary confinement, I would be fine. I am not sure if this was to prepare me for anything, or to compliment me on the ability I seem to have to entertain myself for hours on end with very little material.

Tonight, and from this moment forward, I am finding it necessary to sing most of my sentences in Gregorian Chant. I am sure Elizabeth loves this idea as much as I do, although she did seem to get very tired quite quickly and has just headed off to bed. I am thinking it is only logical, given the soothing melodic qualities of my nasal soundwave projections.

I therefore nominate this coming week as ‘Sing-everything-in-Gregorian-Chant-week’. We could raise money for charity by collecting sponsorship when people want to have a serious conversation with participants, minus the chanting.

Please let me know if you are able to give testimonies about the lives you touch over the coming week through this ministry.

Here is an example if you need guidance. Extreme freestyle Gregorian Chanting is perfectly acceptable. Once you watch the first 30 seconds, you may get the idea. Don’t watch the whole 3 minutes waiting for something amazing to happen. That is just it. The beauty lies in the nature of it just going on and on and on, relentlessly. You will thank me if any of you find yourselves in solitary confinement.


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