Like a thief in the night.

Posted on January 28th, 2008 by Cam.
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Well if the original settlement of Australia involved accounts of theft, we have had a very Australia Day weekend. We were burgled in the early hours of this morning. I woke up this morning to find the front door wide open. I didn’t think too much of it as I didn’t notice anything missing.

When Elizabeth got up, her attempts to find her handbag proved fruitless. My man-bag was also missing. There were no signs of forced entry but we are sure that we locked the door as we talked specifically about it last night before going to bed. It is a bit of a mystery how they got in.

Regardless of their method, they took both our bags only. Along with these were Lib’s cashcards, visa card, license and, most distressing, her haircut loyalty card which was ready to give her a half price cut next visit. Life can be cruel.
We proceeded to cancel all our cards only to find out that in the few hours they were in possession of our visa card, they had racked up a $1500 bill on hardware vouchers, liquor, newsagent items and petrol.

It could have been a lot worse. The police were around very promptly, forensics closely followed and our cards have all been looked after and re-issued. A very smooth process, and we don’t really feel like we are traumatised at all. It is just a freak event that is a bummer.

The police have got a good trail of where the money was spent so there is a good chance that the folk will be caught. We have changed our locks so we feel safer. A friend stayed last night and he decided to move his computer from the doorway where it was just before we all went to bed, and my wallet was not actually in my bag last night either. So like I say, could have been significantly worse. They didn’t come through the house and we were all safe.

If you are reading this and it was actually you that burgled our house last night, could you please put the haircut loyalty card in an envelope and tuck it under our door. I promise we will not take the incident any further or ask any questions.


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