Posted on February 7th, 2008 by Cam.
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I don’t know how to explain today. It has been quite a surreal 24-hours. It is raining.

Yesterday, I couldn’t escape the discomfort that I felt in my body. The heat in Perth has been horrendous- the hottest summer in 17 years apparently. I felt the full weight of it yesterday. My body thinks that it is hot (temperature) most of the time due to amyloidosis. It was damn hot yesterday, and just suffocating. I haven’t got an air-con in the shop yet so there was nowhere to cool down. The only thing that I craved was to be drenched in water. I couldn’t get the image out of my head just how amazing it would be to be washed down with cool water and be refreshed.

Elizabeth picked me up mid-afternoon and we went home. I jumped straight into the shower and sat down, letting the cold water soak me. We chilled the house right down to the point where Elizabeth needed extra clothing. I sat under the airconditioner with my feet in ice-water. We went out with family for dinner just around the corner but headed home a bit earlier as I was still feeling quite hot and sore.

I was finally beginning to cool down again by about midnight last night, and there was a cool breeze moving in. For the last few days also I have had to appease the god of purging digestive tracts with frequent offerings. Last night was therefore like a spiritual revival that left me feeling tired and dehydrated.

At about four o’clock this morning, the heavens opened with the largest drops of cool rain. There was no hesitation nor question when I found myself standing in our backyard in my underwear as the rain drenched over me and the cool wind blew over me. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I know other people like rain, but the drops that fell on me, were for me.

We were due at the hospital at 8:30 this morning to get my monthly infusion to increase my bone density. The smile didn’t leave my face as we drove through the rain, walked through puddles, got wet trying to share an umbrella and planned routes to take that kept us close to purging sanctuaries in case there was an unexpected call to prayer.

It is also Chinese New Year today, so all morning there have been crackers going off in the street as different businesses around our house are being blessed. There is a group of dancers, dragons, drummers etc that go around performing the ceremony. Great fun to watch, but great to hear from the couch too.

Today it is raining all day. I have the doors wide open and the cool breeze is blowing through the house. I start my first day of my second cycle of chemo so I am expecting to be laying low today and tomorrow. We forgot to pick up my anti-nausea drugs this morning from the hospital so Elizabeth went back to pick them up and I will start my lunch today with some poison.

If being left with an image of a 33-year old standing half-naked in the rain disturbs you, please feel free to replace it with the image that is strongest for me today. It is the scene of Elizabeth and I walking through the hospital car park, sharing a token umbrella and a hot chocolate, walking slowly through pouring rain and puddles and laughing with each other for no particular reason. She is so good to me.


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