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Posted on February 21st, 2008 by Cam.
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I have talked about ChemoGym a bit I know, but I have to say I am really enjoying it and getting a lot out of it. The fitness thing is good, but I am really enjoying meeting people. I thought I would be meeting a lot of people in similar circumstances during this treatment, but waiting rooms just aren’t conducive to conversation.

So I am meeting a lot of people now and being able to hear their stories as we pump some serious iron. You get to hear of different treatments, different outcomes, different approaches and different attitudes. I guess everyone there is taking a pro-active approach to their situation as they are going to a gym to do all they can to get better and stay healthy.

Getting back to my affiliation with fitness and football, on Tuesday this week I went over to one of the volunteers to introduce myself. I am never sure who is sick and who is well unless they are looking really sick. This guy looked like he was in shape and he seemed to cope ok with the warm-up walk, so I correctly assumed that he was one of the volunteers. “Hi Andrew, I’m Cam”. He asked me a few questions about how long I had been coming. I asked him what his background was. ‘I play for the West Coast Eagles’.

For those of you who don’t live in Australia or have the same intimate knowledge of sporting legends as I do, Andrew Embley is, so I am told, one of the better known football players in the AFL. My questioning him on his background may have been quite a shock to him, so I am glad I held myself back from saying “Who are they?” after he told me which team he played for. He volunteers there each Tuesday on his day off. Football player or not, he is outstanding in my books. I’m yet to find out if he thinks the same of me after our conversation.

So today’s session at the gym was a real workout. I walked about 900 meters, lifted a broomstick, spent some time on a rowing machine, and did 2 minutes on a cross-trainer before slumping in a heap on an exercise bike for a 5-minute burn around, or part the way around, a virtual Tour de France. The 2-minute stretch on a cross-trainer indicated to me that I have got plenty of room for improvement. My chicken legs were screaming for mercy after 20 seconds.

You can see here the obvious areas needing improvement.
You can see here the obvious areas needing improvement. It is amazing though how much tone has returned since doing the reps with the broomstick. And yes, I did find a convenient place to keep my sweat towel. And my drink bottle. And maybe a medicine ball.


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