Question time.

Posted on March 9th, 2008 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

When I was a teacher, sometimes I would have nothing more to say and with time left over I would simply ask the class if they had any questions. This would kill the time so they didn’t get restless before break, it made me look like I still had a purpose and it took the onus off me having to come up with something useful to do with the time. It may have only taken one question to start me off on a long-winded monologue that would see the time used ‘wisely’ while the students would, of course, be hanging off every word.

So now you know my reasons, I will let you know that I have nothing profound or even useful to say on my mind at the moment, but a simple question may stir something. I have writer’s block at the moment, so if you have a question regarding the cancer, treatment, faith/belief issues, bus schedules, relationship advice etc., please feel free to ask. Failing that, we will have to find a way of playing Heads Down, Thumbs Up via a website.


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