Nothing wrong with me.

Posted on March 18th, 2008 by Cam.
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I don’t feel or look sick. I look kind of healthy actually. I have quite a bit of weight around me, my colour is good, my muscles are coming back and my mind is ticking over quite nicely. There are a few occasional reminders that all is not 100%, but generally I feel like I am getting back on my feet.

It seems a crying shame to have to go through this next stage, because I will lose all that I have gained in fitness, mobility, healthy appearance and clarity of mind. I like it better this way. It is pretty much a countdown now until high-dose. Not one that I am particularly looking forward to really, but at this stage, there is a lot hinging on what happens in April. Catching up with people happens before April 15, isolation happens for a few weeks after, and hopefully some clear results should be presented after some time in recovery.

It is like being born again except I will have to go through the labour myself this time instead of Ma. My sister Rachel is due to give birth about 2 weeks after my high dose starts. I am glad to be going through high-dose rather than passing a sizable human. There will be two bald members in the family then, and hopefully one of those will still be able to toilet himself or at least indicate his needs with more detail than a pre-cry.

Back into the routine today with going to the hospital, peeing in a cup, filling an ever-growing number of vials with blood, then off to the gym and back to work for the afternoon.

Apart from these and a few other reminders, I think there is nothing wrong with me.


Lynda K

Comment on March 19th, 2008.


Your zest for life and mind frame are simply amazing!!

Even on a good day I don’t think I could put into words as you do, just how I am feeling.

You have definite direction, inner strength (can I get some of that) and crystal clear clarity of mind.

You defiitely are my inspiration.

Keep smiling and once again thank you for allowing us all to take this journey with you.

Cuz Adam

Comment on March 19th, 2008.

Hey Cam
First things first, sorry I couldn’t make it on the weekend. Both myself and Mini me were crook – hacking coughs, phlegm – more details upon request. Hope you had a good day down the pub. (When is it never a good day down the pub?).
I’ve heard good reports about your power and speed in the ring from a certain retired cricketer so I might have to wait until after the 15th until I can challenge you.

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