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Posted on March 20th, 2008 by Cam.
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For those that are in the West, I think the news report on Chemogym is on tonight (Thurs), Channel 9 at 6pm. That is what my agent tells me anyway.

Back on the gear today for my last cycle of chemo before high-dose. This is the first time I have felt the effects come on so quickly. It may be because I took them on a fairly empty stomach, but I am hot, sweaty, tired and losing clarity of mind. Not long to go now.

Someone at Chemogym today was telling me that they were told by an ‘alternative’ health professional that Doctors can cure cancer because it is a simple fungus, but there is money to be made in pharmaceutical treatments so the alternatives are ignored. This could be an extreme end of a belief, but it highlights an important issue. There is a train of thought that ‘mainstream’ Doctors will treat with commercially lucrative pharmaceuticals rather than consider alternative treatments. (I am using the term ‘alternative’ to describe the treatments that may largely exclude mainstream treatments, rather than ‘complementary’ treatments that would include a range of approaches to treatment.)

We talked about this issue for a while. History is full of people who have promised health and well-being with products, treatments or programs. It is a good money making scheme. But I just can’t buy into the notion that ‘mainstream’ treatment largely disregards medical research into these alternative treatments for the sake of making money. If cancer is a simple fungus that can be easily treated, as this lady was told, why the hell do we go through chemo, transplants, maintenance drugs etc.?

If cancer is so easily treated, we must assume that the vast majority of Doctors are screwing us over or misinformed. If I could get rid of my cancer purely by drinking fruit and vegetable juice, for example, I would. And I have no doubt that my Doctor would buy me first round if that were the case. I am sure there would be some people that have extended their days by taking on such treatment approaches, and I have no doubt they are a part of an overall effective treatment plan. But to infer that medical professionals would disregard proven treatments would be pretty offensive, I would assume. If this were the case, we would have to assume that the vast majority of Doctors would find it beneficial to put a patient through treatment hell for the sake of financial gain. I don’t think so.

I have seen no evidence at all that Doctors operate this way. It may happen, but I know the treatment I am receiving is in my best interest. The medical staff that treat me are very pro-complementary therapy, but they have also got time against them as physicians. Last Christmas would have very likely been my last Christmas without radical intervention, that is the simple truth. Not sure if the juicing would have cut it. (Only using juicing as a euphemism for radical alternatives in pure and exclusive form, I actually do the juice thing from time to time, complementary). So I am very keen to continue complementary approaches to treatment as there are many great stories of successful outcomes. But my Doctor is treating me the same way he would treat his own son, I have no doubt.

I would be keen to hear of alternative (ie. excluding mainstream treatment) treatments and complementary treatments that folk have come across. What has been helpful, what has been less than helpful?



Comment on March 20th, 2008.

Can’t wait to see the broomstick lifts!

Guy in the Dockers jumper

Comment on March 20th, 2008.

Awesome. I have my video set and ready to record.

I’m not sure if you get to say any words Cam, but if you don’t, my prayer is you look absolutely hot. This could be a turning point. Maybe a career in television, a future draft pick for Fremantle football club, or Cam’s very own evangelistic television show!! Hey, that’s my gig!

This is going to be big folks. If this segment takes off, Cam and Liz are going Vegas baby. If they do, the guy in the white suit is carrying the bags.

Tanya Sankey

Comment on March 20th, 2008.

Hey Cam, forget the broomestick lifts you were doing an awesome job sparing with Justin Langer?, great bit of rowing as well . We’ve no longer got an excuse to not know who Andrew Embley is. We are a footy fan family really. You’re doing great keep it up. Luv to you both. Rohan’s going to be peeved he missed it. Go Chemogym!!


Comment on March 20th, 2008.

Caught the news just in the nic of time Cam. Can I just say that Justin Langer looked quietly petrified. The kids Loved it but couldn’t work out why Uncle Cameron wasn’t talking back to them.


Comment on March 22nd, 2008.

Given how Freo just performed, I think that muscle-man-Cam may be a draft pick taken up very quickly!!

Re Drs – I heard of someone treating cancer using a lot of apricot kernals (lethal in anything but low doses) a few years ago – don’t know what the results were…

I reckon that if no doctors are doing chemo, then the chemo myth is busted. Given that dr’s of all types get cancer and go by regular treatments indicates that the regular treatments are a pretty good bet….

Of course there was the bloke who saw another bloke and said, ‘what did you give you wife last year when she had cancer?’ and the other bloke said, ‘metho’.

Several months later the 2 blokes saw each other again and the 1st said, ‘hey – after I saw you last time, I gave my wife metho to treat her cancer, and she died!!’

Other bloke said, ‘so did mine’…

As they say, the proof is in the pud.

I missed Thursday night’s ‘Harris v Langer’ boxing documentary, but it sounds as tho you were just toying with him… good on you for giving him a go. That’s very neighbourly of you!


Comment on April 8th, 2008.

There was a Dr Holt(?) in West Perth who treated certain forms of cancer with infusion of something and magnetism. I saw it on TV years ago just before he retired and passed his research on to another Dr.

If it was good enough for Today Tonight…

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