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Posted on March 24th, 2008 by Cam.
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The Easter break has been good. We went to a service yesterday and both Libs and I found it quite emotional, for many reasons. Amongst the celebrations of Christ’s resurrection, we also faced a few things that come up during reflecting on the weeks gone past.

There were a few triggers for me I suppose. The service was wonderfully lead by a close friend whom I met when I was 16, at a time I needed great input into my life. I was reminded of the long-standing friendships that I have with people that have been amazing to me throughout my life. Another trigger was the music. Just difficult not to be affected by what was being sung about. Both Libs and I noticed that there were a few people in the congregation who were hurting, for whatever reason. Some left in tears, and we kind of felt we shared where they were at.

We caught up with an old friend during the service, literally during. It was just after communion and while the music was still playing, he came up and flung his arms around me, hugged me, laughed with excitement, held me, looked at me and the sullen look that was on his face turned to visible, yet almost tearful joy.

At any moment now, his son may be taken from him after a long and chronic illness that has become more severe in recent months. His response to me during the service was that amidst his incredible suffering as an onlooking father, he was just so happy to see me upright and looking healthy. It was such an amazing display of joy in the pit of his sadness. I was quite moved.

After this, we were beat. Had to head home and rest.

We have been doing our best to catch up with people as much as we can before highdose. At the moment, we don’t know when I will be back into the swing of things after treatment, so it is just a good time.

Now, I am just recovering from my final chemo cycle before the highdose. The usual has set in- lethargy and cloudy brain. This time I am having more bone pain, mainly in my spine, but we are hoping it is just due to all the sitting up that I have been doing lately rather than anything pathological.

We see the specialist tomorrow to be prepared for the highdose treatment, so it will be a big day I think. In some strange way, I am pretty keen to start this next phase of treatment. The last dose of oral chemo was good to get over. I am tired of it already, after only 3 months. Some are on it for much, much longer.

One of the great things that we are experiencing at the moment is being able to catch up with such great friends and fam from all over the world. It is going to be a tough, but sensational year.

So there is a lot on our minds at the moment.


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