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Posted on March 27th, 2008 by Cam.
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We are fortunate to know quite a few people with kiddies at the moment. Today I had the opportunity to spend some time with a dear friend and her two daughters, ages two-and-a-half and almost one, down at the park. I came away feeling very inspired about family and having kids. I am looking forward to being a dad, looking forward to going to the park and playing on the whizzy-diz, looking forward to making little pack lunches. It is a good concept, this whole family thing. I think it is really going to take off.



Comment on March 27th, 2008.

Cam, you would be SUCH a good dad! So many children grow up ‘never really knowing’ their dads, but you wouldn’t be one of those dads. You would be gentle and honest and loving and inspiring, and any child of yours would be one very well balanced, blessed child. I imagine you would be a lot like my dad, who always took time to notice the little things and responded to all situations with gentleness, humour and love. I think you would make an excellent, excellent father. I really do. ;-)


Comment on March 27th, 2008.

Being a dad rocks. Except when your son goes for WCE just to make a point… then it seVEREly ROCKS cos you can brag about how freo beat WCE so often, and punch him in the arm and generally be stoopid.


G'Pa & Nana Rose

Comment on March 27th, 2008.

Still elated over last Sundays blog and now there’s more!!?

We are abundantly aware of the joys, pride and blessings of parenthood through treasured experience x3 (or can we say x6?! )….and we are assured that grandparenthood is even better. You would make wonderful parents … you have learnt so much from our mistakes!

There seems to be no limit to Gods’ blessings. He continually surprises us with His sovereign detail and timing. We are ready … bring them on!

Huge love to you both … D’n'M


Comment on March 28th, 2008.

Don’t let the shiny, fun looking playgrounds fool you!
They are the ugly scene of many a collisions with swings, bumps on the head, wobbly teeth, grazed knees, sand in eyes, fracture bodyparts, etc. etc. (and thats just the parents…)
One things for sure, life will never be boring and you will never have a better purpose in life.


Comment on March 28th, 2008.

Parenthood is a wonderful blessing – and a trial by fire as well. Not to be taken lightly (and I seriously doubt that you and Liz would) but not to be forfieted easily either. I reckon up to 90% of my “bucket list” would relate to my kids.They help bring life into perspective, and give you a greater appreciation for your parents!
You two would be fantastic parents!
Love & prayers,
PS: don’t eat the packed lunches before going on the whizzy-diz.


Comment on March 28th, 2008.


The Stalker

Comment on March 29th, 2008.

I’m so glad Cam that my two little darlings have inspired such conversation!!
They had a blast with you, especially when Libby was screaming as her feet were burning on the metal whizzy -dizz!
You really saved the day!
I was quite worried when you said at the end that that was the biggest work out you have had in a while!

You would be an unreal dad Cam!
I say go for it!
PS. Feel free to come and help out during witching hour!!

Maureen Gottschalk

Comment on March 29th, 2008.

Hi Cam and Liz, I doubt if Cam remembers me and I haven’t met Liz. I have been following your progress and just wanted to say Hi and to let you know that I am praying for you both, that you will find strength and peace in our loving graceful God.

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