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Posted on April 1st, 2008 by Cam.
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I feel that I am ready for the return of the stem cells. I can honestly say that I am the fittest, strongest and healthiest I have been for 12 months. Today I ran about 500 meters. I haven’t run more than a few meters for a year. It seems a bit of a shame to stop progress in its tracks by stripping my body of marrow, flat-lining my immune system and starting from scratch again.

From now on, it is more important than ever that I remain free of infection or we risk having the high-dose chemo being delayed. I just want to get it started, and finished.

From here on in we are spending time catching up with people. Once high-dose starts, our house becomes an extension to the isolation ward. We are going to do our best to make sure the house is as clean as can be. I will be on a strict diet and anti-infection regime that will keep things quite for a while around here. We will not be able to have many visitors at all. Those who dare approach will be forced to stand out on the deck naked while I hose you down for 10 minutes. This whole procedure may seem a bit over the top, but a man in isolation needs to do what he can for entertainment. And by the way, you will need to wash your hands upon entry for hygiene reasons.

We have been told that it is still highly likely that I will get some kind of infection during the critical stage of the treatment when my immunity is gone. In this case, I have a medic-alert card which kind of serves as a backstage pass but for an emergency department. I will get put through the express check-in equivalent so that they can start fighting the infection as soon as possible. We have been told that, if this happens, I can expect to be in hospital for 2-3 weeks.

There is a stage of recovery that can be reached after about two months but I am hoping to speed the process up as much as possible with the continuation of exercise. We are back at the hospital this Thursday for a meeting with the Specialist Nurse and for my bone density infusion. It seems like just last week that I had my last one.

By popular request, a song for the day given the topic:
You’re Poison, You’re Poison Running Through My Veins (Alice Cooper)


Manda & Iain

Comment on April 2nd, 2008.

hey cam don’t comment often, but check in to see where things are at daily for you and lizabeth. can’t say you’ll be seeing us with the ‘hose-down’ greeting that is promised aaarrrggghhhh! much love manda and iain


Comment on April 2nd, 2008.

Well, a part of me is glad that I will be too far away to be tempted to visit if the “naked hosedown” is to be part of the deal, but I will miss reading your blog every day. Thank you for the opportunity to walk beside you. Rest assured that we will continue to pray for you both every day from our remote location, and we will be eager to catch up with your progress when we return to civilisation.
Enjoy this time with those near & dear – they will treasure it as much as you do, I am sure.
Love, Di.


Comment on April 3rd, 2008.

CAM!! you are such an inspiration to us all… Our church has been praying for you… say hi to Elisabeth for me!!
God Bless
Love always

Naomi Fleming

Comment on April 3rd, 2008.

Hi Cam.
Just thought I’d say Hi. I don’t know if you have heard anything of me on the grape vine for the last 10 years so I will do a quick summery. I have been married for 13 years (yes – we are both old enough for this to be true!) to Kim Fleming and & years ago we moved to Busselton. We have 4 children from 11 to 6 which I home school. I am also a dog trainer.
Just wanted to say Hi and God bless you heaps.

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