Posted on April 3rd, 2008 by Cam.
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This morning started with an appointment at the hospital with the Nurse Practitioner getting the final rundown on how we are to manage high-dose chemo. We are feeling very well prepared for this next phase. I then had my infusion for increasing bone density. We met another couple there, the husband also having multiple myeloma, so we talked about how each other’s treatment was going. They overheard me telling one of the nurses that I used to teach at a Christian school, so when we chatted, they were telling us that they just prayed against the affects of chemo, and he got through quite well. I am not sure what their belief background was, but it seemed every time I mentioned a crap aspect of my diagnosis, she would say, “Praise God”.
“I have been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma”. – “Praise God!” said she.
“I’ve got to have high-dose chemo next week”. – “Praise God!”
“They say I will be out of action for up to two months” – “Praise God!”
I am not sure if it was a statement of faith or she was happy that someone else had an equally bad prognosis.

I had another incident today in my ongoing habit of making fools of the Australian professional sporting community. At the beginning of the session today at Chemo Gym, there was an announcement made about congratulating one of the volunteers on an achievement they had made in cricket – something to do with being selected for some team. I missed the details but clapped anyway.

We all went off and did our warm-up walk and as we were heading into the gym Smithy (the gym owner) says to this guy, “Shaun, can you work with Cam today”.

I need to let Smithy know not to send elite sportspeople my way, he seems to always send them my way. I am afraid all I do is bruise their ego when I have no idea who they are or what they play. Anyway, I introduced myself and checked his name, “Shaun, is it?”. It turns out this guy is Shaun Marsh, son of Geoff Marsh (I hear he played cricket too. What are the chances!! Two cricketers in one family!). Shaun has just been chosen to play for Australia in the West Indies, or something like that. I had to check out his details on Wikipedia. I was up front with him though, and told him I don’t follow any sport so he was not to get offended if I had no idea who he was. We then just on with the workout and I learned more about cricket as we talked. He probably has gone home depressed and shocked that I had no idea who he was, Praise God.



Comment on April 3rd, 2008.

Bahahaha…! But Cam do you think you will be able to start meeting some ‘real’ celebs Neighbours stars or perhaps an ex-housemate from Big Brother. That truely would be a time to ‘Praise God’! ;-)

Lynda K

Comment on April 3rd, 2008.

Sounds like you are becoming a bit of a celebrity yourself at Chemo Gym and may well end up poster boy of the month.

Had a bit of a giggle at your meeting up with another couple in similar circumstances. I guess everyone copes in different ways – perhaps you should have quizzed her with a “please explain”.

Regarding the elite sportspeople that you are constantly in contact with – ignorance is bliss – I too have no idea who half of them are but admire the work they are doing with you.

My thoughts are with you during this next phase of treatment and all I can really say is, well, Praise God!


Comment on April 4th, 2008.

A friend of ours had a similar experience with Adam Gilchrist (Cam, he used to play cricket a bit as well. A noted goal kicker!) at Ronald MacDonald House.

I think guys like Adam, Shaun, Justin & Embers are good at having people treat them as, you know – people!

“Praise God” – that bit sounded like an Adrian Plass musing!

Some people just feel the need to rub God’s tummy and think happy thoughts… (confusing God with Buddah is not the same as confusing Shaun Marsh with Shaun Mullins)


Comment on April 4th, 2008.

Aren’t YOU in wikipedia yet??


Comment on April 6th, 2008.

Bwah ha ha… That is too funny! It really reminds me of an Adrian Plass incident. I love those books. And the last “Praise God” had me in stitches as it was so unexpected!
I have to confess that I have been reading your blog from the start, but I am a terrible lurker… we pray for you regularly and your words are always inspiring, encouraging and uplifting… Praise God!

The Tinley Family in Albany

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