As far away from chemo as you can get.

Posted on April 7th, 2008 by Cam.
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Both of us
Us on a sensational beach, very much like all the other beaches in WA.

Cam on beach
Contemplating a swim.

One not to show my Orthopedic specialist. This is the ‘before’ picture, showing how fabulously fit I am before high-dose. I am pretty sure the ‘after’ picture will show those same robust arms clinging to a toilet bowl.

Knee Deep
My wonderful cousin (they all are) Conor and her hubby DJ spoiled us by organising a looking after by Knee Deep winery, just outside of Dunsborough. And look after us they did. Highly recommend the food, wine and service.

Libs on Bay
I got this candid picture capturing Elizabeth in a natural moment.

Elizabeth got this candid picture capturing me in a natural moment.



Comment on April 8th, 2008.

Yes, it’s not a bad part of the world, hey!

Glad you have fun.


Comment on April 8th, 2008.

Good happy time photos. Those natural moments are hard to capture.

Cuz Adam

Comment on April 8th, 2008.

I don’t check for a couple of weeks and suddenly the blog is hijacked by the Getaway program? I expected to see Brendon Julian (He was a cricketer, now a tv presenter – played with Geoff Marsh actually! Small world) pop on and say “this little quaint townshipo nestled away in the south west of WA is reknown for it’s world famous bakery, top class winerys and locals striking Just Jeans poses on the beach”

Actually, if I was a bit of a low class type of guy, I would say that last photo looks like an ad for a Male Sanitary Pad.
“Now I don’t care what day it is, I can go to the beach and wear white budgie smugglers with confidence!”
But Im not that type of guy so I won’t.

That KneeDeep winery is a top part of the world – I distinctly remember the first half hour I spent there and I am reliably informed I thoroughly enjoyed the other 5½ hours I spent there.

You two look in top spirits at the moment. Praise God!

Lynda K

Comment on April 9th, 2008.

Just beautiful – and the scenery too!!

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