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Posted on April 20th, 2008 by Cam.
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Well, we were told that by the weekend all hell would break loose and I would be feeling quite under the weather to say the least. As it turns out, I went for a 3km walk around the park today, went to a cafe with family and have just finished watching a movie at home. I feel quite all right to be honest, relatively speaking. The new normal consists of chemo-brain (or smokey brain as I have referred to previously, when you can’t think coherently), a bit of an unstable walk (now back on the walking stick just in case) the loss of appetite and an all over ache. This is all quite manageable though. I haven’t lost my hair yet (still a bit early for this) or vomited. Overall, things are going way better than expected.

A real highlight of the day for me was watching the historical footage of the 2020 Summit held in our nation’s capital where people from all over Australia came together to collate some great ideas for the future of Australia. It was like a huge knife slicing into an ‘old-school’ mentality in respect to the way our country does things and caused a real sense of excitement for the future. I just wish I could be there in any capacity, even serving lunch. It was a huge deal that will change the direction of the way we do things in Australia, especially in the are of governance. Kev is getting it right. We may just be seeing one of the most innovative approaches to governance operating in the world today. Not to say it won’t have its hiccups, but I am looking forward to seeing some practices and attitudes dying out and some vibrant reform taking place. It is like Australia is going to go through a high-dose chemo itself and will be ‘rebooted’ with a fresh batch of blood. That’s why it is bloody brilliant.

This week will be getting into a routine. Each day we will begin at the hospital (after a satisfactory sleep-in) for my check-ups of bloods, temperature, blood pressures etc. Depending on what they find, I will be sent home or invited to stay. Each time I go in I am meant to take my teddy and toothbrush so if anything is out of whack I can be admitted straight away. If all is well, it will be back to the comforts of home and doing what we can to not get cabin fever. Happy to say I have got a lot to keep me occupied, so I am quite looking forward to this time. At the moment I feel like I have a scheduled appointment with sickness, but I am on standby.


Cuz Adam

Comment on April 20th, 2008.

Yeah – the 2020 visions were pretty intriguing to watch. I’m very interested in Krudds work so far. It’s one thing to hear a politition say “I will listen to the people” but then for him to do something from left field and actually listen to the people, its unique.
Mind you, the whole event reminded me of the Serpentine leaders getogethers brainstorms. But then I saw all the bickering,ego trips and long haired hippies trying to take control. Join the dots on that one.

Good to hear your going well, relatively speaking. And its also good to hear you alone are equalling the combined fitness regime of all your relatives,

Muffin Man's Revenge

Comment on April 21st, 2008.

Smokey Brain??? Now??? Dopey, I hate to break it to you, but you always had that man…I just didn’t have the heart to tell you. As for the innovation in government, it is sooo overrated. We, in America, are going to stick to the traditional way of doing things…just like the Romans…wait, they didn’t fair to well did they? Damn!

Hang tough! Love and prayers!

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