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Posted on April 29th, 2008 by Cam.
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We received good news yesterday. Cam’s blood counts have turned the corner and started to increase. Our specialist was relieved to be able report this after admitting to recently having sleepless nights thinking about Cam. He stressed that “this is very good news”, or to quote one of our first haematologists who put it more aptly “this is bloody brilliant”.

We did end up commencing the new drug to treat Cam’s pneumonia. We got to discuss this at length with our doctor and, having heard the pros and cons, we were happy with this decision. This drug is needed to treat Cam’s pneumonia, now that we know its not a bacterial or viral pneumonia (apologies for the “nursey” talk).

Cam still has a temperature and had a bit of a rough night last night. This should hopefully improve soon. Once his temp has returned to normal over a few days, he will be allowed home.

Cam and I procrastinated all afternoon, delaying shaving his head- but after accepting that there now was enough hair on the hosp floor to knit a sweater, we agreed it was time. Carmel and I turned Cam’s room into a make-shift hairdresser’s, improvising using plastic bin bags as the cape and a shower chair. So expect to see a variety of headwear being modelled when you next see Cam.



Comment on April 29th, 2008.

who knows, maybe he will look better with no hair (like Klim) and never want to grow it back. will save that 45 mins of preening in the bathroom every morning anyhow. that’ll be a blessing for you Libs…!

The Stalker

Comment on April 29th, 2008.

So happy to hear Cam is improving.
It sounds like he has some fantastic specialists who really care about him.
Send him our love as we continue to pray for him.


Judi Jones

Comment on April 30th, 2008.

Such good news to hear Cam. Peter and I are following your progress from UK and on a bleak and miserably wet April day we now feel great happiness. Keep up the good work!!


Comment on April 30th, 2008.

put on a tuxedo and you will look great! Blessings from somewhere on the high seas between Halong Bay and Hong Kong. Love to you both.


Comment on April 30th, 2008.

Cam, you and I should put our heads together, bend forwards and moon the world!


Comment on May 1st, 2008.

Cam, I am glad things are improving for you! I do believe I have seen you close to bald and I’m not very worried. You are in my thoughts always.

Doug Humphries

Comment on May 1st, 2008.

Cam, Great news. We all pray that the body’s ‘renewal’ will continue.


Comment on May 1st, 2008.

CAM! wow! look at the brightside Cam… now you can stop stressing about what you’ll look like one day when your old and have lost all your hair… cos you already know what you look like and i bet you look great!
hope your startin to get a smile back on your face!
missin u!
God bless

steve smith

Comment on May 2nd, 2008.

hi cam n liz, all the best from us all at the chemo club,you are a warrior big fella so keep attackin.
cheers smithy and the crew

Rod & Anne

Comment on May 2nd, 2008.

Great news Cam, we are continuing to pray for you and have asked our church prayer chain to pray also – expecting more miracles.
God bless

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