Posted on May 1st, 2008 by Cam.
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The new medication has started working and Cam’s temperature has come down. Unfortunately the drug started to affect his kidneys so it was stopped and a different version of it was started. Cam had a bronchoscopy on late Tuesday. We are still waiting for the results. His neutrophils have dropped a bit again today- so he’ll stay in hosp another few days. He’ll need to be on the new anti-fungal medication for 7-10days but he can have this as an outpatient once he’s allowed home. Cam’s sleeping like a baby- literally- he’s sleeping his way through the day, waking for meals and for the occassional visitor. Hospital’s a good place to be at the moment.

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Comment on May 2nd, 2008.

looking forward to having you out Cam, but good to hear you are resting well. xx

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