Day 13

Posted on May 5th, 2008 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

Today is Cam’s 13th day in hospital. Overall, we both feel that it has passed quite quickly. He is nolonger neutropenic. This means that we are now allowed off the ward and are nolonger at high risk of infection. So we exercised our new found freedom with a visit to the hospital cafe. We are just waiting for the results of a head CAT scan that he had today because he’s been having intense headaches. Depending on the results, he should be allowed home tomorrow. Cam has been moved from a single room to a shared room- a four bed room with 2 bathrooms and garden views which at the moment he has all to himself- luxury. We found out today that the ‘legionnaires’ results were only preliminary results and that the final report actually showed no legionellla- good news! Either way, Cam’s pneumonia has responded to treatment and has effectively been treated. When Cam asked his doctor how sick he had actually been and his reply was ‘very sick’. We are very thankful to be through this part of treatment and are looking forward to getting home.


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