Posted on May 17th, 2008 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

This week I have been very cold. It has been role reversal in our house as Elizabeth is usually the one rugged up or under a blanket. These days though she is walking around in summer clothes while I have been in Ug boots, dressing gown and beanie. My bed has been a layer of blankets. I still have problems getting warm.

Apart from that though, things are getting better, albeit very slowly. I still have a bit of a chesty cough and no energy. My headaches seem to be getting less frequent and I have learned how to manage them a little better without having to take tablets.

Things are going to be kicking back into action next week. Elizabeth returns to work part time and I get stuck back into some projects. I have got about 5 appointments over the next two weeks and am going to try make it back to Chemo Gym/Club each Tuesday and Thursday. Life may get back to normal, you never know.


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