Posted on May 23rd, 2008 by Cam.
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We were back with Specialist Brad today, albeit very briefly. There was a mistake made with the booking times and so he squeezed us in during his lunch break. It just made the session very short, but we got all our questions answered, so we’re happy.

My bloods are good and showing my kidneys are functioning well (they were struggling quite a bit while I was being treated in hospital due to the anti-fungals). My liver function is still not 100%, but it is getting better. For those who like to keep track of how my para-proteins (kappa) are going, they are hovering around 24. We were kind of hoping they would be closer to 0, but not this time.

A comment that hit me a little hard today was in response to us asking Brad about the implications if we wanted to travel next year. He said, “Of course, you have to live! Cam’s future is uncertain, you have to keep on making plans and live!”

‘Cam’s future is uncertain’. That is what is easy to forget, or what I want to forget. I know that this outlook really applies to everyone, but to hear it coming from a person who has an educated understanding of how uncertain my future is was unnerving. I am still analysing how I have responded to hearing that.

While writing this post just now, a good friend just called and told me of her friend of a friend who has MM for 12 years and is still going strong. I really love hearing about these cases, ones that are specific and encouraging. So the things I have heard today kind of balance each other out.

All this still makes me wonder how I want to spend the next chapter of my life. I feel like I am back in year 12 and struggling to know what to do with the rest of my life. We’ll see.


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