Failsafe Precautions

Posted on May 29th, 2008 by Cam.
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A friend of ours kindly bought us a gift the other day – a 1000 piece jigsaw. It is a time vortex. I have not participated much, as I am usually on my treasured mac, but Elizabeth is ploughing into it.

For my thalidomide treatment regime (which begins next week), the pharmaceutical company requires us to be on two types of contraception. I think between the jigsaw and the laptop, we’ve got it covered.



Comment on May 29th, 2008.

haha the only problem is that the side effects of jigsaws will include mood swings, insomnia, and sudden bursts of rage. Take only as directed!

karyn anne

Comment on May 30th, 2008.

I thought Thalidomide was only an issue during gestation, have they done actual research about the effect on conception or are they just being super careful because of the previous horrors it caused? Thanks heaps for the tips on nursing practice, it’s always good to get things from a patient’s perspective. Welcome back to wellness :)


Comment on May 30th, 2008.

Hi Karyn. My understanding is that drug companies are just being super careful with thalidomide. I think they are not wanting any chance of things going wrong during pregnancy based on its previous record.
To be honest, I wouldn’t want to enter into having children with this uncertainty regarding this drug, so I am comfortable with having to wait until it is all over before having kids.


Comment on May 30th, 2008.

Jigsaws are great, unless it is a jigsaw of the sky. 3 days working on that together and you won’t have much inclination to…well you know.

You so have to hide pieces around the house. Not that I would ever do that, of course. That’s for sadists (the fridge is a good spot, on top of the marg container).


Comment on May 30th, 2008.

It is a jigsaw of about a bizillion smarties or m&ms, thats it, just hundreds of blue, red, yellow, green and orange pieces. There are no logical reference points, and no references to logic. Just repetitive candy. I long for a sky scene!


Comment on May 31st, 2008.

Hi Cam, I haven’t dropped in for a while so it is sooo good to
see you doing so well,goodonya !I’ll strive harder to catch up
and meanwhile I thought you might like to know my zany son gave me a jigsaw puzzle of a submarine race (in full colour).
Yeah right :-)

Asher's G'ma

Comment on May 31st, 2008.

You don’t eat marg Kt. No wonder you got Asher!!

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