The stillness after the storm

Posted on June 3rd, 2008 by Cam.
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It is easy to think, “What the heck just happened?” A year of treatment has gone, and I am hoping that is it for quite some time.

There is such a lull at the moment in what essentially has been a year of doing stuff to get better. I am no longer ‘doing stuff’, and the lack of action is quite eerie. No batches of tablets to take, no radiation, no chemo, no antibiotics, no antifungals and still no hair. I take one tablet a day at the moment to stop me getting shingles. Thalidomide starts later this week.

I will be at the hospital for most of the day this Thursday. I begin with the infusion for my bone density, and then at midday I am having a nuclear (PET) scan. This will be used as a benchmark scan to compare future scans to, but it will also help confirm that I am in remission.

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Comment on June 3rd, 2008.

Longterm illness and disease becomes a cloak that must be worn – we fight for its removal – yet we live within it’s folds of darkness as we go about our daily routines and treatments – we hope and pray it will never fit and become permenent – we look forward to the day it can be removed and discarded – THIS is the time you must learn to leave the cloak in the closet and enjoy the freedom that remission will provide……praying for you and yours!

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