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Posted on June 16th, 2008 by Cam.
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There are a few things on my mind at the moment. It has been a fairly restful weekend, which usually is conducive to some thinking activity occurring.

My leg is still on my mind (not physiologically thankfully, but if it were it would be a lot easier to pinpoint the problem). I feel the pain is getting more noticeable and it is causing me to change my walking and standing in order to protect it and rest it. I have to say, it is worrying me a bit. I don’t want it to be what I think it is.

Our plan is to wait until Tuesday to give it more of a chance to recover if it is related to me walking too much last week. If it is still an issue then we will ask Dr Brad what the next step should be.

I started Thalidomide a few nights ago and I haven’t noticed much of a change really. I am on half-dose at the moment so as to allow my body to get used to it gradually over this week. I am to expect a bit of dizziness, lethargy and possibly nerve damage as side effects. Excellent.


Sharon Murphy

Comment on June 16th, 2008.

You are always on my mind. Try and stay positive.

pip perrella

Comment on June 17th, 2008.

Hi Cam,
Thinking of you.
Love, the perrella’s


Comment on June 17th, 2008.

Hey Cam
got your email but wanted to catch up on your blog before I wrote you back. Hey Hey Hey……I have learned I can’t project about those damn scans we go through. It is what it is my friend and I have NO DOUBTS that you will deal with whatever it turns out to be. So cliche I know, but we really are One Day at a Time. My last scan showed, and I loved these words, “too numerable to count” lesions on my skull. I’m like…..numbers go to infinity, so what’s with that?? LOL…this damn disease. Well Cam, just wanted to touch base and please continue to email as will I. I am not only walking beside you, know that I am holding your hand. If you want to share my blog address with others that read yours, feel free to do so, the more the merrier on this journey of ours. I didn’t want to be presumptive and give the address out without your blessing. Take care my friend and know that you are in my daily thoughts and prayers.

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