Just one of those days

Posted on June 21st, 2008 by Cam.
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A great day yesterday. I got called into the hospital in the morning as Dr Brad was going to be in clinic and could organize my requests for MRI and X-ray. So I went in, and while I was waiting for the clinic to start, I popped up to visit a guy who I met a few weeks ago just before he started the same treatment as I had with the stem-cell transplant. By what he was describing, he has had a way more uncomfortable experience than I did, especially digestively. Thankfully, he is on the way up now. It was quite strange being back on the ward without wearing pyjamas and ugg boots while carting an IV pump around. It was also great to catch up with a few of the staff who looked after me.

So I saw Dr Brad who kindly saw me without an appointment, got my requests and went and had a blood test. Then shot up to see a friend who is setting up house after arriving back from London. Then woofed down lunch before catching up with some of the students I used to teach up in the Hills. I am constantly blown away by them – an amazing group made up of amazing individuals. They are great testament to their parents’ approach to family and education. I have learned so much from them, and working with them has been a true professional and personal highlight. Now I am not their teacher, so it is just a privilege to hang out with them as friends. I want them teaching and influencing my kids, no doubt.

Shot home after that and picked up Libs before heading home for a 20 minute nap. Another friend, Sal, came over to go shopping with Libs, and I needed to look for a jacket so I went back into town for late-night shopping with them. To finish off the day, we ended up at a restaurant for the best steak meal I have ever had, I do believe.

Arriving home, I just crashed physically. Quite a busy day for little ol’ me, and quite a lot of walking. I was on the walking stick all day, and I have had a blowout on the rubber foot of the stick, so it is down to the metal. Not so great for walking on tiles, as it scoots everywhere, but fortunately I have another 2 spare sticks. Thank you E-bay bulk buying.

I don’t usually like just writing about the details of every day like this, but it was just a really enjoyable day. I am less worried about my leg issues and I am loving being around people I love each day. The weather here in Perth at the moment is just fantastic. It is winter but we have had a stretch of 20C and sunny days. It has been just one of those days.


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