Slightly overdone

Posted on June 22nd, 2008 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

I am still finding it hard to adapt to my body’s lack of energy. I did a lot on Friday, a lot on Saturday and we tried to do too much today, but just ended up in a heap this afternoon. I think it is getting better, but the lethargy still tends to creep up on me.

Just after lunch today, Elizabeth and I were able to take a few minutes and lay in the sun up at Kings Park. Perth is set in a beautiful part of the world. Even though it is winter, it was a sensational sunny day today, and there is no better place in Perth to spend such a day than at Kings Park.

The topic of conversation was how to spend time. A simple enough question usually, but if you actually approach this question as if your life depended on it, it can become quite difficult to answer. Well, I have found it difficult.

So I ran a few ideas past Libs, things that I have been thinking about over the last few years that have become clearer in this past year. None of them are a surprise to her, because I talk about them all the time, but some decisions need to be made soon. It is probably an exercise worth doing every now and then, at different life stages and according to varying circumstances.


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