Another Anniversary

Posted on July 8th, 2008 by Cam.
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Today is Elizabeth’s and my 8th wedding anniversary. We went away for the weekend and had a great time, but we are pretty tired now and I managed to get some kind of throat infection. But all in all, it was good to get away.

It was in stark contrast to this time last year, when we received the news of my diagnosis just 3 days before. At that stage of diagnosis, it seemed that the worst-case scenario was underway as the specialist at the time told us that things did not look good. Our last anniversary, therefore, was quietly understood to be our last anniversary. It wasn’t until a week or so later that tests showed a more workable prognosis. It was a crap week.

This anniversary went a lot better. The recent good results have painted a better picture for the future and we were able to consider the year ahead as being more positive that the year that was. Other events of the weekend included getting stuck in an elevator with Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins (Okay, not ‘stuck’, but it does sound better than ‘catching’ an elevator with Jennifer Hawkins. Whatever the case, it would be fair to say that we both felt the earth move, as you do in elevators). Friends took us out for a tour of the city in a limousine, we were able to catch up with family and we did our fair share of eating out at some very cool cafes, so it all made for a great time away. It was good to do something different to break the memory of this time last year.

There is no way I could have got through this year so easily without Elizabeth. I feel it is her that has had the difficult year and I have had the easier role out of the two of us. As can be imagined, there have been some very tough times, but through it she has not flinched. It has not just been the case of just being well looked after, but more about how one can put every aspect of their life into making another feel completely loved and comforted. Elizabeth has made this into an artform.



Comment on July 8th, 2008.

Way to go Cam and Elizabeth – 8 years! Congratulations to you both!

Love Tim & Edith Wilson.

The Stalker

Comment on July 8th, 2008.

Conratulaions to both you and Elizabeth! 8years down and many more to go!!
Great to hear you enjoyed Melbourne…i just love those little cafes and bars!!!

Take Care


Comment on July 8th, 2008.

You spend your anniversary hanging out with Ms Hawkins? I’m sure she was greatly encouraged by the occasion.

Man – I can’t beleive it – I go offline for like 2wks, and you go and get better!

Simply brilliant!

Speaking of anniversaries then, it must be about a year that several of us have been vicariously catching up with each other – it’s been fantastic to hear your news Cam, but also quite wonderful to hear the news/views/spews of so many people that I’d lost touch with some time ago.

You facilitator, you… :)

Many thanks, and again – wonderful news.


Comment on July 9th, 2008.

Happy anniversary Cam and Liz! I haven’t even made it to 3 years yet, and already my compassion for Dj when he gets sick has dried up so you really are blessed to have someone like Elizabeth. xxx

Rory shiner

Comment on July 12th, 2008.

Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated ours too–6 years, so still rookies really.

Did you mention me to Jen? I feel bad but I haven’t replied her emails since I got married. Just doesn’t feel right. Nothing personal.

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