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Posted on August 10th, 2008 by Cam.
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This week signifies my getting back into some kind of routine. The last couple of months have been quite a ride physically and emotionally, even compared to the 12 months of active treatment.

Amongst other things, I have been spending some time working out what kind of things I need to consider in order to stay well, or in remission. As I understand it, the remission that your stem cell autologous transplant gives you tends to be the most effective. My intention is to get the most out of it as I can.

I have talked to a few people about diet and other lifestyle choices that may be beneficial in regards to building immunity and staying in remission. There is a lot to consider and I haven’t really made a decision yet about going hard-core on anything apart from generally eating healthy and exercising.

Elizabeth went to a presentation last week by a haematology professor and found it very interesting. He was presenting information on the shift toward boosting immunity to fight blood cancers, rather than tackling them ‘traditionally’ using chemical or radioactive approaches. The body’s immune system is an incredibly powerful system, so more research is being put into developing ways to increase immunity so that the body fights off the cancer naturally. Makes perfect sense, really.

After chatting with a few other cancer patients, I thought it was about time that I took this phase of life more seriously. Many of those who I talk to are on different diets depending on their cancer or stage of treatment. I have taken the approach of eating and drinking purely for enjoyment. But this last week I started to think that I should not take a passive role in this next phase. It would be easy to resort back to my normal lifestyle where nothing really concerned me in my diet and fitness, but I think I need to take a more proactive response.

My goal is to lose about 10 kilos, build up some strength and try to increase my energy levels. Hold me to it.

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Comment on August 12th, 2008.

Secret of healthy diet by Michael Pollan:
Eat food.
Not much.
Mostly plants.

How to boost immune system? Enjoy today.

(sorry – slipping in to role :-)

Sally Mac

Comment on August 12th, 2008.

Hey Cam – been reading your blog for a while now. We have met but long time ago. I have a little bit of advice – take it or leave it. I am in my 3rd year of Bach of Science in Nutrition but more important than that I am “walking beside” a 14 year old with bone cancer. Because of that, I’ve had to research megadose supplements that have been given to us by very well meaning people. My advice – be wary of megadose supplements – very expensive and in some cases can be more dangerous than helpful. Eat loads of natural antioxidants in the form of fruit and veg, make broccoli your best friend, decrease your saturated fat, eat fish or take fish oil tablets. Michael Pollan’s advice is great.


Comment on August 15th, 2008.

Yes Cameron – I had noticed the diet for pleausre, but hey I would be doing the same, cancer or no cancer…however… the recipe is…Broccoli, parsley, red cabbage, carrot, cellery, beetroot, half an apple to sweeten it, cucumber (don’t know why) & spinach leaves. I think you could throw in some ginger for good measure too. Oh and I think almond kernals (these are not juiced from what I understand) or is that apricot…not sure but will find out.

Let me know if you need a juicer as you will have one at your door step when i come home from work tomorrow :-)

The deal would be when you go to the shop to get the veg – please get mine too…I will of course pay for mine :-)

x x x



Comment on August 15th, 2008.

Hey Terry,
Thanks for the recipe! We do have a juicer so I will try out the concoction o’ health. Sounds like it should do something. I’ll be away for the next few days, Libs will be home though. I will catch you next week sometime. More than happy to pick up your vegies by the way!

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