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Posted on August 24th, 2008 by Cam.
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My couple of days away ended up being the majority of the week. I was able to borrow a ute off my folks, throw in the swag and some other items useful in a camping context and I headed south.

I know going away alone at a time like this may seem strange to some, but I knew it would be beneficial, and Elizabeth graciously agreed to let me go while she kept the home fires burning. Doing ‘solos’ was a common practice before I married, usually when I needed to reset direction in my life, contemplate something deeply, try to work out what God would think about something, or just reset my sense of place by getting back to the bush. On this trip, I needed to do all of these, and more.

I used to sleep in the back of my car, in the sand dunes at the beach, in my swag by a river or just in the bush somewhere. I would choose a place to minimize human contact where I wouldn’t have any distractions. Don’t get the wrong idea though – being completely alone in the bush is not something I like to do for relaxation. I have seen too many documentaries on Bigfoot as a kid to be able to relax totally, so I usually am not too far away from other human contact, just in case any hairy mythological creature does decide to become a reality. It can happen.

I will share a bit of what went on while I was away over the next couple of days or so. It is a bit of a progression and a bit much to hit in one post. For now, this is the road through the bush where I set up. Meet you there later on.


As for health and well-being, things are once again not that flash. I have just sent off an email to Dr Brad with a list of pains, sensations and concerns that have become too prominent to ignore. I will go into the details later if necessary. But for now I think it may just be one of those weeks where my mind makes the mental shift to check my body over to health care professionals to do their thing.

Not wanting to make it sound trivial by the brevity, but this last couple of months has been the most difficult I feel, even compared to the last year of active treatment. It would be similar in some respects to the Olympics (pretend for a minute that I would know). For two weeks you are in intense battle. You have direction, you have drive and you have tangible results. Then the games are over and you get sent home. You are left wondering if it was just a dream, and begin to wonder how the hell you are going to slip back into a normal life, dealing with normal life stuff.

When you think post-treatment progress should be the most appropriate time for celebration, you may feel despondent, confused, depressed and cautious. It is not the same for everyone, but I think a lot of people experience it. More to unpack on this.

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Comment on August 25th, 2008.

Welcome home Cam ;-)

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