Posted on August 26th, 2008 by Cam.
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The weather on the first day and night was superb, although a little cold at night. The second night I took the photos of the night sky with the beautiful clouds. Well I thought they were beautiful at the time, not thinking for a moment that they might be wet. At about midnight, they decided to precipitate. In my semi-slumber, wrapped up in my swag in the back of the ute, I just had to laugh and hope I didn’t have to get up during the night.

When I woke up everything was wet, so I threw everything in the ute (pickup) and headed further south to the hometown where I knew I could find a heater, bed, shower and roof at Aunty and Uncle’s. As we always do, I started to do the drive around the hometown to see what has changed, what hasn’t, and count how many round-a-bouts have been added since the last visit.

I drove past the house I grew up in, very slowly. There was a guy standing out the front. I turned around and drove back past it, very slowly. He came up to the road to see if I was lost, or casing the joint. We got talking and he was so happy to find out that I lived there. We talked for ages and then he invited me back to the house and showed me around. I met his kids and he proudly showed me through the whole house. I haven’t set foot in there for 16 years, so it was actually an incredible feeling.

We went down to the shed and he said, “Look at this”. He moved a bookcase away from where we used to keep the paints. It was like a time capsule. The same crusty paint tins were still there – I recognized them. I could have been seeing the same thing 16 years ago. It was just a really amazing feeling anyway. The guy said if we are down there again we would be welcome to stay there at his house anytime. Country hospitality.


I am assuming there are a few people who understand how something as simple as this wizzydiz above could be the highlight of a town for way too many years. Some towns don’t even have this much. Oh yes, we had it good.



Comment on August 26th, 2008.

One hand waving boldly.
I’ve been on it, but youth-group kids on it, put my own kids on it, and feel a particular attachment to it.

Who knew dizziness could be so fulfilling?

Cam, I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of days worth of posts. In many regards, they resonate with my own musings (sans cancer / remission / Dr Brad etc) and so I’ve enjoyed seeing them in writing.

Re the sense of feeling ‘lost’ when remission sets in and the Olympic analogy – I don’t really follow athletics.

However – I think it may be very similar to what Heath Black might be currently feeling (I’m picturing you pretending you know who Heath Black is).

Again, there are parallels to my own circumstances which provide excellent space for think-music, but can also be a place where dark thoughts linger a little longer than usual.

Must have been wonderful for you to see the old house.


Comment on August 27th, 2008.

Toddy, I knew this picture would bring Hometowners out of the woodwork.
I did a search for Heath Black. You’re right, I had no idea who he was.
The House hasn’t changed much, although your room had been reduced in size to make room for a larger bathroom (you no longer have to stand in the toilet to take a shower). I am sure you would approve.
Mi casa, su casa.
‘Think music’ by the way, does play a tremendous part in the process, and can probably influence how one approaches dwelling on some issues. I think I could get trapped quite easily if I continued to play slow, melancholy, wailing, emotive blues. But there are times you have to whip out the eighties rock. It helps you grab life by the horns.
Be good to know what your circumstances are.


Comment on August 27th, 2008.

cam, i grew up on that whizzy thing. i was a slow learner…loved the feeling of going fast, fell off, always got sick (can’t handle being spun around) and yet always went back for more. the next one will always be better? yes it is always routine to stop at the park and give it another go…still get sick =)


Comment on August 27th, 2008.

Just revisited the wizzy dizz again with my own kids. From my time it was a sure fire way to throw up the recently consumed Sunday School picnic


Comment on August 27th, 2008.

Anyone else remember when it was actually quite colourful? And it remains a mystery what happened to the giant caterpillar.


Comment on August 27th, 2008.

so ive had interesting experiences with the wizzdizzz… painful ones. where my brothers thought it would be funny to have one spin, and one on there tickling me and they bet on how long it would take for me to let go and how far i would fly… well…i let go… but i didnt go far. just to the edge where i smacked my chin. good times haha. but i grew up going to the park on every trip down with the fam. good memories.
** sigh**


Comment on August 27th, 2008.

I remember the wizzy dizzy too and my daughter is also a fan – actually she immediately recognised it when she saw the picture! My sister and I called it caterpillar park and used to run and hide in the tunnels whenever Mum and Dad said it was time to leave


Comment on August 27th, 2008.

Yeah, it is like someone came to the park and said “let’s see, what are the best parts of this park, the ones that kids really love? The caterpillar? The tunnels? Ah, what the heck, rip ‘em all out!”

I think the wizzy diz must be listed as a memorial site for all the catastophes that have taken place on it. That is why it was saved.


Comment on September 1st, 2008.

I think the caterpillar got moved to playground at Little Grove or somewhere for a few years, until it’s head fell off…

I loved that caterpillar! and the whizzy dizzy, but the tunnels I’m sorry to say… stank! Heh heh… I totally can’t believe that wizzy dizzy is still there and still works perfectly. I sit on the grass and watch my kids on it and remember the crazy times we had on it.

How awesome that you got to go in your old house! That would have been great.

Mel Goldfinch

Comment on September 3rd, 2008.

Hey Cam, I do the same when I go down to Albany, drive around and check everything out, see whats changed, drive past our old house. There will always be a customary drive down Seymour Street…not as fast anymore!
Thinking of you guys, Mel

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