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Posted on September 4th, 2008 by Cam.
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As I mentioned in a previous post, we are particularly keen to get the results back from this biopsy. I will keep this brief, as there is a lot of detail that could be mentioned now but I will get back to that later.

When I had the biopsy this Tuesday, something happened which took the Specialist by surprise. When he drew back for the aspirate, it drew blood. “Hmm, vascular” he said, with a noticeable element of wonder. He repositioned the needle and took another sample and it drew blood again.

He finished up the biopsy and said that the sample taken looked like blood. “Now there is the chance of course that the cancer cells are mixed in with this blood, but, to be honest, there is a chance that this tumor is actually a big blood clot.”

Thankfully, I was laying down already when he said this. It needs to be said that although the sample taken was different enough to indicate this possibility, we have not received the results from pathology. It was enough of an event though to make me grin. The hope that this situation would get better was alive and well.

So for the last two days, we have been having to wait in eager expectation for these bloody results, we hope. For the last two days we and few others have been contemplating the possibility that this may be the break we are waiting for. For two days, I have felt great, as I have probably gone too far in letting myself believe that the tumor is just a blood clot. The devastation we felt last Thursday and Friday will be repeated again if it is not a blood clot. It is for this reason we have been quietly waiting for some confirmation of outcome.

I am acutely aware that by having people walk beside means a willingness to go through the emotional ups and downs of this disease and I am hoping that the time between me posting this and the time we find out results will be short. But it literally felt unfair to put people in the emotional washing machine that has been the last two days – longer than we were expecting to be here ourselves. I was hoping to find out the results soon to present it in one hit. But the wait continues. Hopefully there is only the spin cycle to go, and we’ll find out before the week’s out.

Aside from this, I am actually feeling really well. My energy is returning very noticeably as the Thalidomide wears out of my body. My thoughts are still quite cloudy, there is an ongoing headache and pain in my chest. But they are all improving, and I am moving spritely throughout my day. I met with a close friend today and he was surprised at how well I looked and functioned, so I am conscious that those who read these posts may get the impression that I am quite sick or something. I am hoping to be back dancing to early eighties classics in the privacy of my own living room before too long.

In the meantime, there is a far more exciting waiting going on for us at the moment, and that is for the arrival of a new niece or nephew due this Saturday for sister Carms and John. It was Dad’s birthday yesterday, a baby may come over the weekend and Fathers’ Day this Sunday. So we are looking forward to a good time with family.



Comment on September 6th, 2008.

Yes Cam…’re right. I do feel your ups and downs WITH you as the roller coaster ride was not meant to ride on alone….didn’t you read the MM signs they posted before we got on? The ones that that say “Must be accompanied by an adult?” You are in my daily prayers always. I feel our connection over the zillion miles between us. It was divine intervention that we “met” as we are only about 6 weeks apart in this journey and support, no matter where it’s from is what will get us through. I will hope for the best for you…..


Comment on September 6th, 2008.

Thanks Jan, and I am thankful you have demonstrated such strength and pizzazz through your ordeal! Thanks for your support as always and I hope you were safe during the hurricanes!

Nic and Waz

Comment on September 6th, 2008.

Hey Cam and Elizabeth,
So appreciate you sharing your walk with us, we are keeping everything crossed for great news on Monday.

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