It’s a girl! (no not the tumor…)

Posted on September 8th, 2008 by Cam.
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As of earlier this morning, we became Uncle and Aunty again with the birth of a healthy baby girl for Carms and John! It was quite a long labour, but everyone seems to be fine. So all that is very exciting, and to have a little girl join the fam is a great surprise as there seems to have been a flood of baby boys recently in our town.

I have just got off the phone to pathology and the results are not conclusive yet. Some results are through, but the report is yet to be finalised. We are expecting to wait another day.

We are honestly running on vapors at the moment. We had quite a full weekend on top of our unwelcome habit of not falling asleep until 4am on average. It is ok for me as I have no commitments the next day usually, but Elizabeth heads into a week completely frazzled on every level.

It will be good to have this time pass.


Introducing Stella Rose Bain



Comment on September 8th, 2008.

Carms… John-boy – congratulations! She looks adorable.
Sleeping … just the way we like ‘em when they’re little!! :)

Trust all are well. Suz say’s g’day as well.

Oh – and congrats to the granddies… how they’re chests must be swelling!
(poor little mite – destined to have every aspect of her life relayed in sermons, devotions and think-spots!!) :)



Comment on September 8th, 2008.

Well done to the Harris/Bain fams. Fantastic news. Looking forward to more of the same from you and Libby – no not babies, good pathology results!! Well…….

Caleb and Cath

Comment on September 9th, 2008.

Dear Cam and Liz
It has been FAR too long since our last contact and we ask you to forgive us for that? We hope that like us you have been getting updates through the Pyles or Matt from time to time as to the state of things at our end. We are not sure where things exactly have been sitting for you both properly for a while, except for reading the most recent blogs, but we have been prompted often to make contact and let you know – that we love you both lots and all this time have had you in our hearts and praying often for healing, strength, comfort, support, guidance and God’s will in your lives. We cant imagine many things more challenging than what you are experiencing and there’s not alot we feel able to do from here except pray deeply. Though we are miles away, God spans the divide. We have been reading Philippians lately and chapter 3 has hit us fresh this time, and I feel prompted to mention it to you. We send you all our love and prayers and will contact sooner next time! :p Caleb and Cath xoxo


Comment on September 9th, 2008.

Sweet, sweet Stella!

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