Posted on September 9th, 2008 by Cam.
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I am frantically running in and out of the house so not able to go into great detail. Firstly, we are very pleased that no cancer cells were found in the sample that they took. But I also have to make it clear that because of the nature of Myeloma, it is very difficult to be certain of this.

The report looks good at first, saying no malignant cells are found, but it doesn’t rule out the need to keep looking. It states the possibility of there being a tumor that may have been missed and there being a blood clot around it or in it. And there are still a few other things to check out around the site and still in the sternum.

As with all the results I get from tests, we have been getting used to not getting too excited, as it is just too unpredictable. So this good news comes with a warning, in that there are still things to look into. To be honest, I am very relieved this information points to a great outcome, but only because the results are inconclusive. It basically says we didn’t find anything in this sample, but it could be this or this, so test this.

So it will be more clear when we see Dr Brad, hopefully in the next few days.

Until then, I am calmly grinning cautiously, knowing that it is a good result, but there is more stuff to check out.



Comment on September 9th, 2008.

GRINNING BIG for you now in this moment without caution!


Comment on September 9th, 2008.

I’ve got a good feeling about this Cam. Enjoy your beach day with no thoughts of test results. I know easier said than done, but our disease robs us of enough…..don’t let it take away the present joys by worrying about the unknown. Take it one minute at a time , my friend.

steve smith

Comment on September 11th, 2008.

hi cam,smithy here, about time i dropper u a line and said a big hello champ. the chemo club thinks of u all the time,and cant wait to see u back down here again.

Cam H

Comment on September 11th, 2008.

Thanks Smithy,
Really been missing coming along, so hopefully be down there again next week. I’ve got to get in shape for summer, I have lost the finely honed physique I’m known for so time to start playing catch up.
See you soon.

muffin man's revenge

Comment on September 11th, 2008.

Cam, I am thankful…What a great day!


Comment on September 12th, 2008.

We are smiling too, Cameo!! Take care of YOU!

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