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Posted on September 12th, 2008 by Cam.
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Today we had a consultation with Dr Brad. He was not content with the aspiration that was done the other day (I have been calling it a biopsy to avoid having to explain it, but really it was what is called a FNA or fine needle aspiration). It is just too out of the ordinary to have a large hematoma pop up for no reason. Great news, nonetheless.

So I am being scheduled for a biopsy under camera guidance. This will mean making a small incision up near my collarbone and sending in the camera to have a look. The samples can then be taken from various parts of the mass as well as being able to visual observe. This will be of course a more thorough biopsy, and hopefully be able to provide some clearer results. I will be under general anaesthetic for the procedure, so at least that makes it less traumatic.

In the meantime, I was scheduled for radiotherapy to start this coming Tuesday, and a simulation is booked for Monday. I am still going to go ahead with the simulator, but the radiotherapy is being deferred until results are back.

Physically, I am feeling pretty good. I have walked to work the last two days and my chest is less sore. My headaches are generally consistent but we are going to leave checking that out until this chest thing is sorted. I am feeling pretty healthy really, and all my bloods are in good shape. Nothing else really is affecting my day to day, and having energy back since stopping Thalidomide has been fantastic.

Libs has been taking the brunt of this though. She has had a particularly busy week at work, is still recovering to some extent from the flu, has only been sleeping with the help of sleeping tablets and has not been able to catch up with people much for lack of time and energy. This has been the area where I have felt helpless. I have not been able to work more than a week or two straight in the last year or so, and this is incredibly frustrating. Now, I need to have a clean run so work can get started. I am really excited by it all, and when the time is right, I will show and tell more about what I have been working on during the last 18 months or so. It will be good to bring a bit of balance back to the force.

I think I would really struggle if treatment needs to continue in the next few weeks. It would be very disheartening.



Comment on September 12th, 2008.

Hi Cam,
I have just heard about your blog. We have been supporting our little boy through a battle with cancer these past few months too. I have nothing to say but that my heart aches for you and Libs. There are no keys for tears on my keyboard. I have been writing a blog if you’re interested. I would love to have your address so that we might offer some practical help. Our love and prayers are with you.


Comment on September 12th, 2008.

Simon, have been following on your blog and just sent a more detailed email through to you.
Will be keen to catch up soon.


Comment on September 12th, 2008.

Continuing with the knee time!

muffin man's revenge

Comment on September 12th, 2008.

I know of few greater warriors in life than you Cameron! You think you will struggle, but you will fight…and fight hard with your lovely wife by your side and an army of friends on their knees praying, praying, praying everyday…I am lifting you up now…


Comment on September 12th, 2008.

I do feel a bit like ‘Saving Private Ryan’s’ Private Ryan though MMR! Like the people doing the hard hards are those who go through this with me, doing all they can for me through practical support, prayer or encouragement. I am way more grateful than Private Ryan.

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