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Posted on September 14th, 2008 by Cam.
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Nothing really to do with the walk, but I am just finding the following interesting.

I have been going through some old photos to use for promotional material for the silver business recently. This is one of them.


This is Grandpa Harris, the master craftsman. He did his training as a ring maker in Birmingham before coming out with his parents to Australia. He and his father melted their own watch chains to make rings to sell to Perth jewellers. This partnership was the beginning of Harris & Son.

When I look at Grandpa’s hands, I see that I have his hands, and so does my dad. Sometimes it is easier for others to see the resemblances, but I see the hands. Actually, there is more, but not in the photo. When I was about four, Grandpa was working silver down the shed in the Albany and as it was summer, Grandpa had his shorts on. Grandpa’s legs were thin, but strong, and crowned with knobbly knees. I said, “Grandpa, you’ve got funny legs!”
He looked down at his legs as he bounced up and down on them and replied, “What do you mean? There’s nothing wrong with my legs! They’re fine legs!”
I looked at his legs as he bounced up and down on them and the image stuck in my mind. Well, I grew up, as did my legs. Grandpa died when I was about twelve, but his legs still walk this earth with me everyday.

During my recent trip to the Albany, my Aunty mentioned a few times that out of the corner of her eye I would remind her of her father (who is my Mum’s father). It was the stance mainly, and maybe a few other characteristics.

Granddad Brown was a Baptist Minister in and around Perth. He spent a lot of time traveling through country areas, and eventually drove a van around carrying books and preaching at different places. One night, when my Mum, Aunty and Uncles were still quite young, he was involved in a car accident and was killed. He was about 40 years old. Here is a picture of him.


When I look at this picture, a few things stand out – the tilted head, the placement of hands, and the hair. Although I never met my Grandad, I can’t help feel these things feel quite familiar to me for some reason. I also have a three-piece suit, but I don’t think that’s genetic.

I haven’t written enough to do these two men justice here, but it is just something that I have found interesting more recently.



Comment on September 14th, 2008.

wow… before I read your post I looked at the photo’s and the first thing I thought was I have seen those hands before in your dear Dad and of course you… I’ve been delighted to discover my darling Lizzie (3) and Charlie (6wks) have my precious Nan’s hands, it makes my heart skip a beat when I catch a glimpse of her through my wee babies hands. Nan died nearly 5 yrs ago – gee I miss her! Thanks for this post xx


Comment on September 14th, 2008.

yup. I see the hands. wish I had a claim quite so cool. instead of got my Grandads wonky feet and very strange running gait. one arm tucked right in, the other hanging to the ground. I tell you, it was never going to win any races. of course you’ll only catch us doing it in an unconscious moment…


Comment on September 14th, 2008.

You may not have won any races Katie, but by the way you describe it you would have made a killing on Funniest Home Videos. I am sure it would have been a lot more graceful than the image I have in my head, but if not, you’re in good company.

Looking forward to meeting Charlie Manda. I know you were all close to your Nan, so I guess the reminders you have today are all the more precious.


Comment on September 14th, 2008.

I haven’t seen this picture of grandpa before…it looks like he is playing with his wedding ring like you do when you are is amazing how even mannerisms can be inherited even form someone who died a good 25 years before you were born. As for the photo of Old Mr Harris…what a cack! That is so Uncle John in 10 years.


Comment on September 15th, 2008.

True Philly on all accounts. It does look like WB is playing with his wedding ring, and if Gpa Harris is Uncle John in 10 years, it’s me in 40. I want those glasses though, they are very cool. He was before his time.


Comment on September 15th, 2008.

I love the family history…great pictures! The ones the come before us are worth paying tribute to…

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