Posted on September 21st, 2008 by Cam.
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Stella Rose, affectionately known as Lala, had Auntie Rach come over with the camera yesterday.

She is dainty, beautiful and peaceful (the times I have seen her).

Those who are keen to see more can click on this:
and choose slideshow.


Judy Moore

Comment on September 21st, 2008.

A stunningly gorgeous little girl. Congrats to John & Carmel.

Nana Rose

Comment on September 21st, 2008.

I’ll have to wait for my eyes to dry and specs to demist before I can see them in focus. Breathtakingly beautiful.


Comment on September 21st, 2008.

Yes, just divine ;-)

Cuz Adam

Comment on September 23rd, 2008.

Another beautiful kid. Another Rose. Pure Magic.
I think if anyone in the extended family has another girl, they should call her Magnoliophyta Magnoliopsida Rosales Rosaceae
Rosoideae Rosa.
Of course, if its a boy call him Ross.


Comment on September 24th, 2008.

aren’t you having the next boy though? ;-)

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