Process, Prayer and Promise

Posted on June 29th, 2009 by Cam.
Categories: Let's talk.

The process is still radio, 5 days in and it seems to be bringing the size down.  I also started steroids again, which are keeping me wide awake but also knocking the size down.

I had prayer for healing today with the elders of the church I go to.  My faith is not in a medical breakthrough, although I believe I am being sustained incredibly admirably by the fantastic medical professionals I have.  God ultimately has my days spoken for, and I am sustained ultimately by Him.  He indeed has the power to heal.

Why we sometimes don’t see it, when other times we do, is beyond me.  But the hope is in the promises given.  I wish the outcomes were more formulaic in nature, but at this point in time I understand more on the sovereignty of God.  Makes me want to persuade Him, convince Him, beg Him to change his mind, give me my health back.

Ironically, I feel 95% normal. Well, normal for any 35 year old who has let themselves go for two years.  For the first time in two years, I ran around an oval, went to the gym, played a little soccer with the Tapley boys, then ran around another oval.  Just like Pinocchio, it felt really good to be a real boy again.  No, I lie, it felt amazing.